Weekend Links – 3.12.10

12 Mar


◊Found on one of my favorite blogs ever, Positively Present, “How to Cultivate Your Passion”.

◊Seriously, some of the coolest Black Panther posters I have ever seen. Check them out.

◊Found at Style Bakery, something that can be useful to many of us: How to Create a Wardrobe You Love.

◊According to this article, curvy women activate the reward center in men’s brains. Hmm…

◊If you’re one of the types to fall asleep to rain, check out Rainy Mood. They have a trial and everything!

◊Here’s an interesting one: “How to become an Unforgettable Woman”. What have you?

Found at Black Nerds Network (another blog I love), a feature on one of my favorite artists, Jean Michel Basquiat.

◊Okay, I have to include one of these each week, because seriously? Seriously. Thieves broke into a New Jersey Best Buy and stole $26,000 worth of Apple laptops through the ceiling. What??!

◊From Positively Present, yet again: 5 Life Lessons from Alice’s Wonderland Adventure.

These pictures are gorgeous! From Decor8, a collection by Lisa Grue at Gallery Hanahou.

◊A fantastic article about an amazing school, from Jack and Jill Politics.

The entire senior class at Chicago’s only public all-male, all-African-American high school has been accepted to four-year colleges. At last count, the 107 seniors had earned spots at 72 schools across the nation.

Mayor Richard Daley and Chicago Public Schools chief Ron Huberman surprised students at an all-school assembly at Urban Prep Academy for Young Men in Englewood this morning to congratulate them. It’s the first graduating class at Urban Prep since it opened its doors in 2006.

◊A buffet. Of cute. Enjoy.

◊Another worthwhile read, over at 4changenow, “Tendencies of the Mediocrites”.

Wisdom is a value in this great society, for it is the currency of change and progress Money, as we know it today, means nothing to these individuals. Ideas get you into the hottest clubs and bars.  Greed means too many degrees in this dream world, and  everyone wants to be greedy.

See this is my utopia: Humankind seeking to better itself through knowledge and exposure; the progress of one person means progress for us all.

◊A delicious looking green smoothie from Goddess Guidebook! Unlike other people (ahem) I have no problem with my drinks being green if they’re supposed to be that way.

◊As a college student, like I am, this is quite useful: Tips for the College Recessionista.

◊Can I have a box of these? Okay, thanks. ❤

◊And because this song has been my JAM all week:

Have a wonderful weekend, everybody!

xoxo, Tara


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