Slowed Down Sundays 3.14.10

14 Mar


I was thinking…so many people fly through their lives without stopping to smell the roses so to speak.

Which is why I decided to do “Slown Down Sundays”…a day where you can stop and take the time to be thoughtful and thankful. Here are the things I am personally thankful for this week:

*Springtime in Pittsburgh – And not a day too soon! After wallowing in the leftovers from Snowpocalypse ’10, to see sun peeking out of the clouds and feel weather pass 50 degrees (!)…it was divine. I still remember the one day I was able to freely walk outside in flip flops. Even better: I could walk outside in JUST a top, no layered hoodie-jacket-parka combinations! It blew my mind. And even though that fantastic weather has left us here in Pop City and has left soggy rainfall in its wake, I am still grateful. It also lets me know what I’m in for in just a few short weeks, and I can’t wait!

*Spring Break – Similar, but not the same thing! Spring break gave me the opportunity to sit and enjoy myself without worrying about homework and classes, at least for a week’s time. The extra time I had from being on spring break allowed me to get all my work done before the weekend came which, if you know me, I almost NEVER do. Guess who spent this Sunday morning lounging? (These posts will probably be up earlier from now on, I promise!)

*Weekends in Maryland – I had a brief jaunt in my hometown of Columbia, Maryland. It. Was. Epic. I got to eat AMAZING Thai food and fantastic sushi with my sister (I’m telling you – by nature, sushi is so much better in Maryland and Washington DC), a trip to New York City (!) to the Gershwin Theatre (!!) to see Wicked (!!!) with my boyfriend (!!!!). It was amazing, I met a bunch of really nice people, had some sweet honey roasted nuts from a street vendor and had what was possibly one of the most pleasant bus rides back to Maryland I have ever had. Except for watching the movie Surrogates with Bruce Willis. What WAS that movie? I don’t even remember it being in theaters, but it came out in 2009. Oh well. I also got to see one of my dearest friends and go on a sock-buying adventure. I also hit up my favorite restaurant in Columbia, the Mongolian Grill. I go there on my last day in town every time, without fail. If you live there, go!


Taking the plunge and getting P90X! I’m starting it when I go home in a month! Yes!; Sitting in a room and admiring how clean it is; Ice Cream Runs with an amazing duty partner; the difference of adding stretching to my daily routine; The Noisettes on a spring day; discovering a new fashion icon, #thingsjamaicanssay; waking up first thing in the morning, and realizing you are free to go back to sleep; waiting for packages to come in the mail; the airy, happy feeling you have after a FANTASTIC meal; Modern Family (just started watching it – if you haven’t yet, check it out! Manny is hilarious!); seductively soft sheets that are the perfect temperature; falling asleep to the rain; Shipments of fruit for me to enjoy (oh yes); realizing you have a far greater assortment of tea than previously thought; Perrier on a hot day; having hot days AT ALL; peace and quiet; night-time conversations with my mother; remembering my Grandfather on his birthday (love you, pop pop <3), having the time to absorb your favorite magazines, Making the Impossible Possible by Bill Strickland, The Autobiography of Miles Davis, Oh No They Didn’t!; Pie Your RA Day, spending the first few hours of the day lounging in bed talking on the phone to someone you love.

What are you thankful for on this Sunday?




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