Weekend Links – 3.19.2010

19 Mar


Here is some reading to jumpstart your Friday afternoon!

Music Monday not enough for you? Here is some more music, courtesy of Nuri A (another blog you should get on)

◊Over at Yes and Yes (which I will say again, you should be reading if you aren’t): How to Create an Amazing Group of Friends.

The best markets for young adults. If you’re looking for a fresh start, check this out!  I’m totally not including this because Pittsburgh, PA is listed. Certainly not. Why would I do that?

◊Something I find a lot of value in: How to tame your to-do list, from Dumb Little Man (Titles can be deceiving)

◊From Flickr, images of the Iditarod 2010! I have always held an interest in the Iditarod for some reason. Probably the dogs and their cute booties.

◊More food porn (you’ll see what I mean when you click) courtesy of Luxirare. This time she’s making Apple Napoleon!

◊While this is a guest post, it’s still extremely relevant: 5 Simple Tips for Getting Rid of the Unnecessary. Definitely worth a read.

◊When initiating your own personal growth, often times it can get frustrating – here are some ways it can be made easier! Via the Positivity Blog, How to Make Personal Growth More Fun and Easier.

Now this is just cool. Crayons carved into the shapes of the Chinese zodiac.

◊This isn’t a link to a specific entry, more like a just because: A Creative Mint. It is chock full of beautiful, inspiring design images.

◊This is interesting: 10 Power Food Combos.

Why does orange juice taste so good with oatmeal? And what is it about olive oil that enhances the flavor of tomatoes? The answers to these questions, it turns out, are buried deep within our instincts. New evidence suggests that certain foods that taste great together also interact with one another in nutritionally positive ways. In other words, two particular foods consumed in combination can actually deliver more benefits than either one would on its own. Epidemiologist David R. Jacobs refers to this phenomenon as “food synergy.” He believes that it might explain why we are inherently crave certain foods together, as well as how they join forces to protect and nourish our bodies.

◊See that amazing Erykah Badu picture above? While I got the image from the source, here are the other prints from the collection, courtesy of Fly.

◊This spoke to me. “One of the Most Powerful Questions Ever”. I wouldn’t spoil it for you, but it is an interesting read for sure.

◊Spring is on the horizon! From the Style and Beauty Doctor, How to Give Yourself a Makeover this Spring!

◊Are you reading the Flickr blog? If not, get on that, right now – especially if you love beautiful photography.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!


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