Slowed Down Sunday – 3/21/10

21 Mar

Slowed Down Sunday – 3/21/10


Rita’s Italian Ice – Yesterday was the first day of spring, so you know what that means – Rita’s is back! I indulged with a cup of their Birthday Cake flavor and was transported to a sublime wonderland of Italian Ice fantasticness. Can you say fabulous?? Rita’s being free on the first day of spring doesn’t hurt, either.

Great Opportunities – Have you ever felt like a child on Christmas? When you are so overwhelmed with excitement that sleep seems impossible and you find yourself wishing for time to speed up so morning will come? That is how I feel right now – except instead of Christmas, I am thinking about the tons of fabulous experiences coming up the pipeline. As they come up, I’ll let everyone in on the details! (If you follow me on Livejournal, I’ve probably already talked about many of them.)

SPRING!! I know I mentioned spring last week, but this week it has been just as awesome, so it warrants a second mention. Running errands for my internship has never been so pleasurable. So if you’re in the North East and you are seeing the first rays of sunshine, run outside and get some Vitamin D! (Make sure to bring sunblock!)

Good TV – I am not a TV person by any means, but I am slowly getting addicted to various shows (oh no!) The programs on my imaginary DVR:

  • Modern Family – Hilarious! I feel like it is unfair to directly compare it to Arrested Development (RIP) but it is extremely funny in its own right.
  • Archer – Speaking of Arrested Development …Mama Bluth (Jessica Walter) is back! Archer is a mess (the good kind) in the vein of Venture Bros. It’s on Hulu, so watch it when you have time!
  • Project Runway – Back on point. They’re back in New York, all of the judges are there and the clothes range from fabulous (trash-bag leather pants) to fabulously cracky (Hair bowl??). Lahv.
  • Rupaul’s Drag Race – Chock full of Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve and Talent. If you aren’t watching this, mosey on over to and catch up. Protip: Make sure to watch Untucked, the weekly “behind the scenes” show on

Misc: Swedish Fish, being able to break out the maxi dress, electric blue nail polish, Girl Talk, the feeling you have after a nice run, getting to paint my own pottery, making summer plans with BB (the boyfriend), discovering independent bookstores down the street, cherry blossom festivals, Wazobia: the show put on by the African Student Union, Steel City Bhangra, having someone yell out the window of their moving car, “I LOVE YOUR SHOES!” <3, Jay-Z in concert with Kid Cudi coming up, pesto tortellini, finishing that HUGE case of fruit from last week, packages in the mail, FSL Cosmetics (if you don’t know what it is, keep your eyes peeled on Tuesday), Beatles/Metallica Mashup Tribute Bands, Kid Fury coming back!, Flamenco Lessons!


What do you appreciate this Sunday?




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