Music Monday – Teedra Moses

22 Mar

I absolutely adore Teedra Moses. Her song, “Out of My Head” was the background music to someone’s personal website (and while I’m glad I got was introduced to her, I’m glad people don’t do this very often anymore) and I was left wondering who this woman with the gorgeous, lilting vocals was. Then, Nuri H. exposed me to her début album, Complex Simplicity, and it I was a fan from then on.

She is absolutely fantastic and it is criminal that she doesn’t have a legitimate recording deal with greater exposure. Her soulful voice got me through some trying times in high school and more people should know about her greatness.

As Rich from Fourfour said in his Album Catchup, about her latest mixtape Royal Patience, which is available for free on her official website:

I don’t know if this counts as crossing the line from urgency to desperation, but last month Teedra started offering a collection of what sound like demos for free via her websiteRoyal Patience is filled with what sound like unpolished tracks begging to be fleshed out (someone please give “Everybodyrock!” the sub bass it’s pleading for!), and even still they amaze more than not. Download it and be amazed that the woman who’s released the best R&B song this year (“Kisses Never Taste So Sweet”) is working pro bono. Need a snapshot of how fucked up the music industry is at this point? Look no further.

Listen to the song, Kisses Never Taste So Sweet, below:

About Teedra, courtesy of Wikipedia:

Moses was born and raised in New OrleansLouisiana, to a gospel singer mother, Shirley Moses. She later moved to Los Angeles after her parents’ divorce. Moses brought a little bit of that fervor to her own vocal style when she began singing professionally. The final song on her debut album, “I Think of You (Shirley’s Song)”, is dedicated to her late mother.

Prior to becoming a recording artist, Moses worked with her best friend Nonja McKenzie as an assistant wardrobe stylist for artists such as Will SmithKelisR. Kelly, andNo Doubt. It was after breaking her leg on a video set that Moses decided to follow her heart and begin making music.

It’s really unfortunate that more people don’t know about this spectacular artist. The more people who hear her, the better! Here’s another song from her upcoming CD, The Young Lioness, entitled “Take My Love Away”.



ps – What are you guys currently listening to? Discuss in the comments =)


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