Kisses Never Taste So Sweet – A Review of FSL Cosmetics’ Lipgloss

23 Mar

FSL Cosmetics

If you know me, you would know that I’m no makeup expert. The best I can hope for is a relatively straight line of eyeliner with a decent application of eyeshadow – and that is only on my good days.

But the one thing I know well?


Being a tired, frazzled, makeup-clueless college student, chapstick and lipgloss have become the most essential component of my make-up arsenal. I know how lovely that shimmering coat of gloss look on your lips as well as how annoying it can be when the wind blows your hair into your face and it sticks to your mouth, leaving you in the awkward position of spitting your hair out and dealing with sticky ends for the next few hours.

So along comes FSL Cosmetics, sent my way due to a contest held at the Style and Beauty Doctor. The story behind the lipgloss was tantalizing.

The creator of the brand, Kimberly Riley has a bachelors in Chemical Engineering with double minors in Chemistry and Engineering and was heavily involved in the creation of her cosmetics. All the lipglosses are hypoallergenic, consist of a vitamin-rich, antioxidant-potent formula that is healthy and nourishing for your lips. They are also 100% free of parabens, phthalates, sulfates, GMOs (generally modified organisms), nut oil, gluten, and talc. They don’t test on animals and the lip gloss containers are 100% recyclable. With Earth Day coming up, this isn’t a moment too soon!

After all of that, I was dying to try this lipgloss. The verdict?

Here is the lipgloss when I first put it on. Because of the sunlight, it's a bit hard to see.

I am amazed. No really – I am. It is everything I could have ever wanted in a lipgloss. Unlike most lipglosses, which are sticky, it’s a light, smooth feeling that rolls right on – and stays! It’s fantastic. Also, it lasted an incredibly long time – hours – and even survived lunch. Even better is the scent – it smells like brownies! What more can you ask for? I also like the color a lot – while it appears to be sheer on me, that’s partly because of the camera flash (the pigment is much stronger in person) and also because I used a minimal amount (a hint of color is all I usually tend to strive for). One or two coats later and your lips will be golden, baby!

I loaned it to a friend to briefly try, and her reaction to my enthusiasm was ambivalence – she’s much more of a makeup expert than I am, so she is much harder to impress. In her opinion, my shining review was probably due to inexperience.

After lunch. I had to reapply a bit at this point, but it was still there, which is impressive.


After using the lipgloss, she stood in stunned silence and could only utter, “I am …impressed.” Enough said. But seriously, this is the most fantastic lipgloss I have ever used, hands down. Definitely recommended!

"Give me sullen." This is the lipgloss later on that evening. As you can see, the color is still there.

You can buy your own lipgloss (or lipstick) at FSL Cosmetics. You can also find them on Twitter. The creator of the company (as mentioned above) is just about the coolest woman ever, so make sure to follow her and say hi!




3 Responses to “Kisses Never Taste So Sweet – A Review of FSL Cosmetics’ Lipgloss”

  1. Serena March 24, 2010 at 3:03 am #

    I’m curious to try this. When I have cash to spare, I might order it in Seduction. =]

    • Tara Melissa March 24, 2010 at 8:22 am #

      You would love Seduction. If you click on the contest link, the author of the blog is posing in it.

  2. Alexis Eichner November 16, 2010 at 2:36 pm #

    lip gloss with olive oil is the best because it can moisturize your lips as well `;,

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