Weekend Links – 3/26/10

26 Mar

Weekend Links – 3.26.2010

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Happy Friday, everybody! Here are some great links to get your weekend started right!

◊So much is said about the pros and cons of buying organic, but this is an issue I think is easily as important: Why You Should Buy Local. Buying local not only supports local farmers, but it also saves energy by reducing the distance your food travels to get to you.

◊A nice pic-spam for you, courtesy of Oh No They Didn’t!:  GQ’s 50 Most Stylish Men. While there is one person on the list that is completely undeserving to be alongside such manly greatness (you’ll see it, trust me), it’s good to see guys looking good.

◊Hahaha, I just thought this was cute. The Ultimate Guide to Understanding Japanese Kaomoji!

In Japan hardly any email or IM message get written which doesn’t contain some form of smileys or emoticons.While emoji (graphical presentations of emoticons) are probably most known, “kaomoji” (from “kao” = face, “moji” = character) are the Japanese version of Western emoticons and there are practically endless variations available. The biggest difference to the Western counterpart is probably that they are read horizontally and you don’t need to turn your head to understand them, for example the Western emoticon for “Happy” looks like this 🙂 while the Japanese version looks like this (^_^).

There are many stereotypes about how the Japanese convey emotions and feelings, the most popular one is probably “the Japanese show no emotion“, but in fact the rich culture of kaomoji shows just how different the perception between Westerners and Japanese is. To fill in this blank, lovely Ako and I decided to create the ultimate visual guide to Japanese kaomoji.

◊Awesome posters. Awesome, awesome AWESOME posters. This is also the weekly wrap-up from Design*Sponge, so you can see a ton of other amazing links from around the web.

◊After the recent earthquakes in Haiti, Chile and Turkey, as well as the horrible injustices committed around the world, many people are wondering what they can do to help people in need. This is one website that is definitely worth a look: Massive Good. This specifically targets a few of the United Nation Millennium Development goals, which have been thrown off by the recent economic recession. Another pro? Excellent web design.

◊Another link from Design*Sponge (can you tell I love this blog?): How to make fantastic display art yourself, using basic sewing techniques. How awesome is that?

◊Speaking of sewing techniques, over at Luxirare, the magnificently artsy author of the blog details how she handcrafted her own white leather purse. Insane.

◊Another fun one: Incredibox. It makes your own cute little tunes. I find it is definitely useful in wasting some of my time away.

◊Over at Nuri A’s blog, beautiful photography by Juan Leguizamon.

◊On The Positivity Blog, “How to Get to Know Yourself Better”. Very useful and worth a read.

◊On the flickr blog, they show amazing photos of an Middle Eastern Souq, the commercial shopping districts.

◊Okay, this is really nerdy, but I feel the need to pass this along: PandoraFM. If you’re like me, you may have loved Pandora but were dismayed that it was incompatible with social music sharing application Last.fm. Well fear not! This website solves the problem quite handily. By the way, if you want to find me on Last.fm, here I am!

◊On Smashing Magazine, The Beauty of India in 50 Amazing Photos. Not much else to say, so click!

◊Via Clutch Magazine, “She Got Her Own”. DEFINITELY a must read.

You don’t need a man before you start living; life begins when you decide to show up. There’s no justification for lying around lazily with your hands tied behind your back waiting for the perfect reason to live beyond a marginal standard. It doesn’t take a male influence to give you that extra push. You can buy a house, get your education, raise a child as a single parent, pay off a car, and take a trip around the world, all without a man there to help you do it. Sure, it’s nice to have someone in your heart to share in those pleasantries, but while you’re waiting for your future, you need to be fostering your here and now.


Okay, that’s it, everybody! Hope your weekend is fantastic!

xoxo, Tara


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  1. zotasansai December 22, 2010 at 3:08 am #

    There’s now a rubber stamp so you can create Japanese style emoticons

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