Music Monday – Esthero

29 Mar

esthero : n.
1. faerie goddess;
2. wicked little girl;
3. a captivating and unmistakable voice that can take listeners on an incredibly immersive ride of emotion.

I couldn’t really find videos of Esthero’s recent music that weren’t performances, but one of the best things about her is the fact that her fantastic voice shines through, even on stage.

Known as “your favorite singer’s favorite singer”, I can’t express in words the massive amount of love I have for Esthero. Ever since Nuri H. introduced me to her second album, Wikked Lil’ Grrrls, back in 2005 (!), I have been a huge fan of this woman.

Her unique, soulful vibe is perfect for relaxing on a nice afternoon, as you let her smoky melodies travel to your eardrums. If you would like a more upbeat sound, listen to her more recent album, but for a more soothing experience, pop in Breath From Another, her debut album from 1998.

About Esthero,

Esthero emerged from the womb with headphones on, and from the moment she learned to press play, she and her stereo were inseparable. It was apparent from childhood that one day she would emerge as the pink pirate, luring the 5 senses towards a euphoric state, fulfilling music’s destiny. Her divine sound was birthed in a small town in southern Ontario, but cultivated in the musical mecca known as Toronto. A 16-year old Esthero, accompanied by her guitar, left home and placed the first brick in the path that would ultimately lead her to us. Too young, too pure and too driven to let any downward spiral drain her boundless energy, Esthero found all the strength she needed in her music. She held several jobs, including a merchandise seller for local rock bands.

What’s new with Esthero? According to Wikipedia, she has a new album on the way entitled Everything is Expensive, with a release date that has been yet to be determined. She recently previewed one of the songs from the album, Black Mermaid, on her official blog. Ever since it showed up on Twitter, I’ve had it on repeat, so I have high hopes for this new album.

You can purchase Esthero’s music on Amazon, Itunes, and wherever else fine music is sold.

So, what are you listening to on this Monday afternoon?



ps – I know I didn’t do a Slowed Down Sunday post this week! I was away this weekend and didn’t have time. There will definitely be one next week!


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