Slowed Down Sundays – 4.4.10

4 Apr

Slowed Down Sundays – 4/4/2010

Cute Purple Easter Bunny Rabbitsource: 😀

Happy Easter Weekend, everyone!! I missed this post last week, for which I sincerely apologize!

So this time it is a DOUBLE-STUFFED Slowed Down Sunday (think a mega-lovable oreo). Without further ado:

♥ The Vira Heinz Women in Global Leadership retreat! I had a fantastic time, met incredible young ladies who are doing big things worldwide (no seriously – everyone just blew me away), met gracious, fabulous mentors and learned a wealth of information. I can’t gush enough about how great of a time was had. Not to mention the amazing food…I still have Pineapple soda from the Mexican lunch in my fridge, by the way. If you are an upcoming sophomore woman at the University of Pittsburgh (or one of the other participating institutions found on the website) you should strongly look into applying!! Through this program, I found another awesome young lady who is going to be in the same district of Tanzania as me this summer! So much love for such a short weekend –  I can’t wait for the second retreat come September!

♥ Catching up with old friends – One of my old friends came up from Maryland to visit and we got to meet up. Let me tell you, it was epic! We explored the depths of the Cathedral of Learning like we were Indiana Jones, from the Nationality Rooms (more on that in the link) to the epic lookout point at the top of the Cathedral. After that, we traipsed around Oakland until we reached Phipps Conservatory where we caught up on the years we lapsed on while surrounded by the most beautiful garden you can imagine. What more can you ask for?

♥ The Barefoot Soccer Tournament!! This past Saturday, there was a charity barefoot soccer tournament organized by a coalition between University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon University. Red Bull came out to support the tournament (!) as well as Nike (!!) who used it as a platform to collect for their reuse a shoe program. There were twenty-four teams participating, and the venture raised over a thousand dollars! It was a great time with a DJ, bare feet and tons of soccer.

♥ Realizing that this entire slowed down Sunday thus far has consisted of an ode to Pittsburgh, specifically the Oakland area. And not minding at all.

Other miscellaneous love shout-outs:

Five Guys, specifically their French fries, which must be fried in some kind of awesome-sauce; sunshine – I feel like I’m photosynthesizing!; the sights of Craig Street in Pittsburgh; the Hogwarts-esque commons room within the Cathedral of Learning; Wild Young Hearts by the Noisettes on a warm spring day; wearing a skirt as a dress; winning a soccer ball and using it to dribble around the circumference of my floor; talking to my boyfriend in between his shifts; Ceres Berry Medley juice – pears, guavas, pineapples, papayas, mangoes, peaches and passion fruits? Yes please!; Sangria Señorial; flamenco lessons; drum circles; leopard-print scarves that call my name; girly nail-painting sessions with friends (current shades: The IT Color by OPI and Strawberry Fields by China Glaze); VV Brown; Ebony Bones!; jam sessions at the hookah bar to Jason Mraz, badass violin soloists (also at the hookah bar), the autobiography of Miles Davis; applying sunscreen on your face and smelling like summer at the swimming pool; cooling spring breezes; the fact that it is still sunny out even at 5:20pm!!

What has made you happy this past week? Share in the comments!



Bunny Rabbit with Easter Basket

source 😀


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