Weekend Links – 4.9.2010

9 Apr

Weekend Links – April 9th, 2010

HAPPY FRIDAY, everybody! I hope you have a fun-filled weekend planned to recover from the long work-week. (I’m going to a jazz concert, but that’s just me)

Here are some nice links to get your weekend started right:

◊Dr. Martens boots are turning 50!

Dr. Martens boots are celebrating their 50th Anniversary, having been closely associated with music, they have enlisted ten contemporary bands and ten film directors to create a collection of music and videos that reflect the broad range of groups that have adopted and customized Dr. Martens footwear over the last 50 years.

One of the participating groups is the Noisettes (love them!!), who were previously profiled in a Music Monday post.

Check it out here!

40 Breathtaking Photos from National Geographic’s Photography contest. I have always loved the photography featured in National Geographic, so this was a must-read for me.

Look at these amazing bangles! I have heard mixed reviews from my friends about the idea of wearing puffy fabric bangles, but I am absolutely in love with them (especially the holographic and purple ones!)  Well, they’re on sale now, so let me know what you think! I think they’re amazing.

◊Lovely photography, plus an interview with the photographer, Tafari Stevenson Howard.

◊I found this quite interesting: “Which Countries are the Happiest”?

For decades, the World Database of Happiness has tracked down how happy people are—not at all happy, not very happy, quite happy, or very happy. As it turns out, most of us are mostly happy, even when things aren’t go so well.

◊These are seriously some of the most amazing installations I have ever seen. Look at the cloud tiles!

◊This is something that I definitely struggle with regularly: How to win in a battle with procrastination.

◊I love gardens!! Check this out: The Back Garden Project. If I had the space, I would definitely take part.

◊Have you seen the Liberty of London collection for Target? I don’t live very close to one and the collection sells out like wildfire online! But look at those gorgeous patterns – it’s not hard to see why. Design*Sponge profiled the collection and the inspiration behind it here.

A smartphone on your skin? Not sure how I feel about that, but it is certainly interesting…

Archetypal Friends that Life is Too Short For. Are you friends with any of these people?

◊This is also quite helpful, from Zen Habits: How to Make Life Decisions…when you have a ton of options.

Diasporique, a beautiful new blog shared by Fly!

◊On Positively Present, Progress: The Foundation of Happiness.

The phone rings, and you get a tense feeling in your stomach. “This is it,” you think to yourself. You knew you’d get a call about the job and in a few moments you are going to know whether your life has changed forever, or not. Maybe years from now you will tell people that this was the best day of your life! Hold on a second.  Does anyone really want the best days of their life to be behind them?

◊On AOL Black Voices, a profile on two of my favorite musical artists, VV Brown and Janelle Monae, featuring their awesome retro hairstyles!

That’s all for now! What are you reading this weekend? Share it in the comments!




2 Responses to “Weekend Links – 4.9.2010”

  1. Zach Reisfeld April 9, 2010 at 9:39 pm #

    This weekend I’m reading Shogun, and I probably will be for a while. its over 1200 pages!!! Very interesting novel though. Its about this english ship that crashes in Japan in the 1500s where the Samurai are the rulers; it provides some cool culture clash.

    • Tara Melissa April 11, 2010 at 11:48 am #

      Wow! 1200 pages?? That’s crazy. The plot does sound really interesting, though. Tell me how the book is once you’ve finished!

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