Slowed Down Sunday – 4.11.2010

11 Apr


Happy Sunday, everybody! I hope your past week has been excellent and that the upcoming days will be fantastic as well! Here are some things I was thankful/grateful for this past week:

♥Losing my cellphone – Wait, what?! While this doesn’t sound like a good thing, allow me to explain. I lost my cellphone last Saturday. If you know me, you would know that misplacing things is a very common occurrence in my life. Because of various mishaps, I was without full use of a cellphone until yesterday. Why was this a good thing? Because I had a break from being reliant on a mobile phone! After the first night of terrible – and I mean terrible – withdrawal from calling and texting, I realized that going phoneless wasn’t so bad. I paid more attention to everything around me (specifically my professors) when I wasn’t actively sending text messages, and I could notice how tied people were to their phones – someone felt the need to text about menial things during an amazing jazz concert the other night! I had a land-line, so I was able to contact people (and I can text via instant message) but the main inconvenience was keeping time, since I usually check my cellphone instead of wearing a watch. It really goes to show you what you can live without. Besides, I’ll be almost phone-less for a while this summer, so this was a good chance to get used to it.

♥An Artful Weekend – I am so glad that I decided to take this weekend to indulge in some art and culture. And what a weekend it was! On Thursday evening, I saw the excellent – and I mean EXCELLENT – play, When January feels like Summer at the City Theatre in Pittsburgh. Here’s a brief synopsis:

Hindi goes hip-hop… Homeboys become heroes, a gallant garbage man rescues a shopkeeper in distress, and Ishan transforms into Indira with the swipe of a lipstick. Unexpected love heats up the new year as African-American, Indian American, and transgender cultures collide in this comic whirlwind.

It was absolutely hilarious and comes highly recommended. On Friday night, I had the privilege of seeing the incomparable jazz pianist Ahmad Jamal play music from his new album as accompanied by his trio and the Manchester Craftsman’s Guild Orchestra at the Byham Theater. I hadn’t realized how amazing Ahmad Jamal’s music was until I was introduced to it that night – and I am now officially a fan. It was fantastic and I’ve played him on Pandora all weekend.

♥Summer is on the way! – Of course! I know this is a bit early to be excited about summer – spring just started, after all – but my semester is quickly coming to a close and I cannot wait to relax! Plus, so many things are happening this summer that I can’t wait to get the good times started. Then again, I never like to “wish my life away”, as my mom puts it, forgetting the goodness of today because I’m too fixated on what is happening tomorrow. That doesn’t mean I can’t look forward to it, though!

NOTE: As I am a college student, with the end of a semester comes the dreaded final exams. In the coming days, my classes are going to go into overdrive as finals week looms, so my life may start to get very hectic very soon with exams, final papers and the like. While I sincerely hope that I won’t have to miss posting days or post late, my time might be severely limited, especially during finals week itself (April 25th – May 1st).  My apologies in advance.

♥Misc: The Blue and Gold society – and free smoothies at initiation!; unexpectedly meeting the eyes of someone you know and realizing you don’t have to go it alone; successfully applying yellow nail polish; Like This by Girl Talk; the character of Indira from “When January feels like Summer”; getting a loving e-mail in your inbox in the morning; getting a care package in the mail (peeps and pull-and-peel twizzlers, mmm…); hilarious impromptu discussions with my boss; ferris wheels (and carnivals); lifting your mood using the Golden Girls; “I cast a death spell on you. Have fun dying.” HAHA!; re-reading books that you love; Midnight in NY by Sally Hansen, a gorgeous black with subtle glitter (but I have two bottles…what do to with the second one?); spending a day in bed just because; maxi-dresses and their tendency to create an effortlessly pulled-together look; tape bandits; new make-up brushes (especially when they are 50% off, holla!); having an ethernet cord of the proper length (I can browse the internet from my bed comfortably now!); hammering out blog posts in a cozy coffeeshop like Kiva Han.

What do you appreciate this week? Let me know in the comments!


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