Weekend Links – 4/16/2010

16 Apr

Hello Kitty Chainsaw

source (a little NSFW)

Isn’t that picture awesome?? Anyway, Happy Friday everyone, even though it’s a little gray and rainy here in Pittsburgh. Here are some links to spice up your reading (or use up some time if you’re spending the evening on the job, like me)

◊Spring is upon us! On College Fashion, there is a helpful guide on how to spring clean your closet! Pro-tip: trade in your unused clothes at your local thrift store and use the credit to buy new ones. It is cost-effective, eco-friendly AND a way to get unique pieces.

◊Perfect for spring, here’s a rose-scented body lotion you can make yourself. I think I’ve found my first summer project…

◊As a broke college student, this is incredibly useful to me: The 10 Cheapest, Healthiest Foods Money Can Buy.

Coily Beauties on Diasporique. Natural hair is so lovely…

◊Excuse me for the cliché, but “GIRL POWER!” Four women astronauts orbited Earth. Get it, ladies.

◊This is just some foolishness I enjoy indulging…”Celebrity Body Parts on Twitter”. I won’t lie, I definitely follow Brandy’s lace-front wig.r/

It was bound to happen in this age of TMZ and social networking sites, fans (and haters) have taken to Twitter and created accounts that poke fun at celebrities as if their body parts, belongings and even careers were doing the trash-talking.

One thing is for sure, these celeb-related Twitter accounts are usually salacious, scathing and pretty funny. One example is the page dedicated to Whitney Houston’s crack pipe, where the piece of drug paraphernalia declares that it and Houston still see each other quite frequently. These crazy timelines have even blossomed into a niche community — like 50 Cent’s Arm, LeBronsHairLine or Aliciakeyszit — where the celeb-inspired pages have pseudo-beefs (e.g. Drake’s Knee versus Drake’s Hairline).


This is an interesting set of pictures. For all the sugar we ingest (well, not as much today with High Fructose Corn Syrup, but still), how much do we know about the people that produce it?

45 Astonishing Long Exposure Photos – and they’re absolutely beautiful.

◊Two words: Rainbow. Pancakes.

Amy Atlas Table Decorsource

◊Another amazing set of photos from the Flickr blog, featuring street performers.

◊I love Rachel Zoe’s style and the way she dresses her clients. Here’s her guide to shopping vintage, which, like thrifting, is a way to get new clothes while also recycling old ones!

◊On the Positivity Blog, “10 Habits That Make My Life Simpler”. While I wouldn’t be able to do these things (“Get rid of my RSS reader? Blasphemy!), he makes some interesting points.

◊Just what this link says, “Mermaids & Spring Mix” – A lovely that I catch on one of those obscure movie channels when it’s on, plus a nice set of music to set the tone for your springtime frolics!

◊Hmm – these Norwex Antibacterial Face Cloths look intriguing. M aybe I should look into them?

◊Is the Glacier National Park running out of glaciers?

Have a lovely weekend everybody!




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