Slowed Down Sunday – 4/18/2010

18 Apr

Happy Sunday everyone!! It’s time to share what I’m thankful for this week! This is going to be really short because I have two essays to finish, so here we go:

Cultural Festivities – The Brazilian festival on Friday, the Filipino festival yesterday, and Vietnamese and Eastern European festivities coming up later this week? Count me in! Plus, as a college student, nothing – and i mean nothing – beats free food.

Two More Weeks – Summer vacation is almost here! Thanks to Pitt’s criminally short winter break, our summers are gloriously early. Now all I have to do is get through a barrage of finals and packing (the worst part) and I’m all set!

♥PLAYOFFS!! – I am a pretty huge sports person and we are currently in playoff season for both the NBA and the NHL. The only thing missing is the NFL, but that will be coming back soon enough.

Miscellaneous: Swimsuit shopping; improving my sit-up score by twenty-five (!); dressing up for banquets; the library before it is swamped by the finals rush; my boyfriend when he’s barely awake; Vapur water bottles (Thanks to Nuri for pointing it out!) – they’re all sold out on their official site but they are available on Amazon; Santigold; water with fresh strawberries in it; magazine subscriptions; We Heart It (I’m xoxotara on there!); tofu pad thai

What are you thankful for this weekend? Post your lists here!




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