Slowed Down Sundays – 5.23.2010

23 May


Hello, and Happy Sunday! It’s time for that weekly tradition where I count my blessings – Slowed Down Sunday.

♥ Back to Work – I have been back to work, technically, but I haven’t said anything about it yet. I love my job, and I look forward to it every time I get to come back. I work in a children’s learning center and while I enjoy the work (Even though sometimes the work is tiring), I find helping them and watching them grow and progress extremely rewarding. I have worked at this particular place for four years now, both seasonally and year-round. Honestly, I feel lucky to have lucked into a high school job I feel so invested in.

♥ Time with my cousin – My cousin came to visit! I don’t get to see her very often, so this was exciting, plus there was that we seemed to find it insanely difficult to coordinate our schedules. We went shopping to prepare her for a big trip she’s taking, (and ran wild through Ross and Target in the process) and generally had a good time over take-out Chinese food. Fun times, indeed.

♥ Pottery class – Here’s another one of those chance opportunities. My aunt was planning a trip to Baltimore Clayworks to take a pottery wheel class. She asked me to go, and of course I said yes! That said, although I have a love for hand sculpting (it is one of my favorite mediums), making pottery on a wheel was harder than I thought. Even so, I managed (with help from the instructor, let’s be real here) to make a goblet and bowl. Go me. I felt like Demi Moore in Ghost. Kind of.

♥ Mini-loves: Working to Ahmad Jamal; hanging out with the guys; wearing a cute dress all day; changing from a cute dress to your boyfriend’s sweats; getting Five Guys for the first time in a while; birthday cake; acting reckless in Target (in a good way!); my dog walking like a civilized animal, for the first time ever; Super Mario Galaxy 2 (I must have it!); one of my best friends coming to visit in less than five days ahhh!; lounging in bed while my boyfriend plays Red Dead Redemption; that it is finally feeling like spring…

What are you grateful for/loving/happy about this Sunday? Let me know in the comments.




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