Weekend Links – 6.4.2010

4 Jun


Hello, and Happy Friday! How are you all doing this wonderful (swelteringly hot) day? If you’re like me and would prefer to spend your time inside on days like this, here are some links to get you through the afternoon!

◊ Don’t miss out! It’s Free Donut Day at Krispy Kreme and Dunkin Donuts! See more details at The Consumerist.

◊ On Smashing Magazine, a collection of beautiful paper art – check it out!

◊ More pictures – the spectacular Icelandic volcano, named Eyjafjallajokull. In case you’re wondering, it’s pronounced E-YAH-FEE-YAT-LA-JO-KEY-OAK-COOL.

◊ I love Unicorns for Socialism – they have the best advice. Get a load of the title: “How to Be the Best House Guest Since Jesus”.

Everyone knows that the best way to sink your teeth into a new city is to crash with a local. Side bonus? Major savings on accommodation. But just like being a spectacular hostess, being a superb house-guest is a learned skill, not an innate gift.

◊ Did you know that you can eat certain food to change your mood? Elle tells you how.

◊ Two of my favorite things in the world, combined: Root Beer…and cupcakes.

◊ I have a love affair with well-done graffiti. Flickr features some of the graffiti photos found in their commons.

◊ Did you know that certain “healthy” drinks are actually really bad for you? Like, six pieces of pie bad?

◊ I have always wanted to know how to sew my own clothes – I might start with this: the “World’s Easiest Skirt”.

◊ I love these beautiful summer photographs.

◊ For those who want to know: The Sassy Guide to Sex Toys. You’re welcome.

◊ One of the most destructive habits a person can have is to distort their perception of reality. Here’s how to think more clearly, courtesy of Positively Present.

◊ How to Improve Your Social Life, on the Positivity Blog.

◊ This just made me happy: People Hearing for the First Time.

The title more or less explains what you have here. Via PSFK, this is a collection of nine people who get cochlear implants and experience the sensory modality of hearing for the first time. Can you imagine?

◊ Apparently the state of California is banning one-use plastic bags. I, for one, think this is probably a very good idea! What do you think?

◊ For all the harping I do about sunscreen, you need to make sure it’s safe. Read this post and make sure.

◊ This is something else I can relate to, on the amazing 1000 Awesome Things, Driving Around You’re your Windows Down…on Late Summer Nights.

Thank you for being a friend. ♥


2 Responses to “Weekend Links – 6.4.2010”

  1. Alexandra Franzen June 4, 2010 at 8:10 pm #

    Aw, shucks! Thanks for including { Unicorns for Socialism } in your list. Dyana Valentine and I had heaps of fun making that houseguest video. 😀

    • Tara Melissa June 5, 2010 at 1:10 am #

      No problem! I had heaps of fun watching it :]

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