Weekend Links – 6.11.2010

11 Jun

Happy Friday, everybody! As I’m typing this, South Africa is facing off against Mexico in the first match of the group stage. (EDIT: Because of my internet problems, I’m actually getting ready to watch France vs. Uruguay – but the Mexico/South Africa match was great!) If you haven’t considered it, try catching some of the World Cup – it’s fantastic! I became interested in it during the last tournament and I have a few friends who are deeply invested who make it even more important.

◊ You can learn about the World Cup on the official FIFA website, here. You can also view the match schedule at this link. If you’re watching the World Cup from the United States, you can get the station listings on ESPN Soccer Net – and if you’re American, you may be interested to know that The US plays England tomorrow at 2pm!

◊ Are you unfamiliar with the world cup? Here, the various teams are broken down into “American-friendly” analogies. Though I must say, equating the French with the Duke Blue Devils is nothing short of genius.

◊ I have been recently trying to upgrade my wardrobe, but I have tons of t-shirts from when they were my fashion staple. Plus, if you’re a college student like me, you’re bound to get plenty of free t-shirts throughout your college career. Here’s an article on how to dress up a t-shirt from The Fashion Bomb, as well as a vintage article about the same topic on Gala Darling’s blog.

◊ June is the month of summer, and Flickr blog documents it in their latest blog entry.

◊ I absolutely love this photography posted in Tha Hotness.

◊ I have never heard of “The Shadow Effect”, but this interesting book review brings it to light. I might have to check it out.

“it is only by embracing our duality [of good and bad] that we free ourselves of the behaviors that can potentially bring us down. If we don’t acknowledge all of who we are, we are guaranteed to be blindsided by the shadow effect.”

◊ I have always wanted to go to Disneyland, but this new attraction, “World of Color” all but cements it. I will be in there, a screaming, crying Disney fangirl through and through.

◊ As an aspiring blogger and student, I can relate – 11 Things to Do and Not Do When You’re Burned Out on White Hot Truth.

◊ In case you haven’t noticed, I am a super fan of Chaka Khan. Here are vintage pictures of Chaka being a goddess, as usual.


◊ This is an amazing reimagining of the Sydney Opera House by artist Laurie Anderson.

Gorgeous sunglasses on Fly by A-Morir.

◊ Dream It? Do it! From Yes and Yes, by way of O Magazine.

◊ Eight Products You Think You Need – But You Don’t. I don’t know how I’d be able give up body wash, though.

Jam of the Week – Waving Flag: K’Naan featuring David Bisbal

Have any links worth a share? Post them in the comments!

Xoxo, Tara


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