Slowed Down Sunday – 6.13.2010

13 Jun


Hello everyone, and happy Sunday! Here is my weekly list of things that made me extremely happy. :3 First on the list – UNICORN CUPCAKES. I’m not kidding, I want the cake mold that makes them sooo badly. Anyway!

♥ My Boyfriend’s Back! So, after a two-week holiday in Turkey, I finally have my boyfriend back! I missed him so much – if you talk to me personally, you’d know this first-hand. I can’t wait to sit down with him and look at his pictures and hear stories about Istanbul in detail. But mostly, I’m so glad he’s back! Yes!!

♥ World Cup – The World Cup has everything. I feel like a citizen of the world watching, (I mean, they do call it “the world’s sport”), it’s full of athleticism, nationalism and hot men running across a field. They also have an amazing theme song, which I know is unofficial, but it beats the official one by a mile. Plus, the live posts on Oh No They Didn’t make my day. The USA-England game was pretty epic (for us Americans at least…) and the lulz to be had are epic. I haven’t had this much entertainment in ages. Germany and Australia are playing at 2:30 EST and I’ll surely be watching!

♥ Laurence Fishburne in “Thurgood” – I haven’t been this impressed with a stage show – ever. I spent hours contemplating Laurence Fishburne’s acting and how it transcended any that I have ever seen in person. He wasn’t a man adopting gestures and intonations to imitate somebody else – he embodied Thurgood Marshall in a way that left the entire audience transfixed for almost two hours – with no intermissions! – he went from the retired Supreme Court Justice Marshall to the teenager saving money for college, to the young man developing a passion for law at Howard University, to the celebrated lawyer involved in the Brown v. Board of Education case to a Supreme Court Justice and back. It was absolutely riveting.

♥ Super Mario Galaxy 2 – I knew I’d be in love with this game and I was right! It keeps all the things I loved about the previous Super Mario Galaxy game (minus those “clean up” challenges – but that’s for another time) while adding great features like a new map screen, new power-ups (Drill Mario is epic) and most importantly, YOSHI!! I am not kidding when I say that I exclaimed, out loud, Nobody is safe! when I realized the scope of his enemy eating power. Plus, they kept the co-op, so you can play with a friend. I honestly feel as if the Wii is worth it for Wii Sports and the two Super Mario Galaxies. (Although there are other great Wii games as well!)

♥ Mini-loves: Being called ‘The Purple Girl”, getting wonderful goodies in the mail (Thanks Yes and Yes!); link love from Gala Darling; this text from my dad when I woke up this morning: “You are fine. Express what you believe to be true. No excuses or apologies!!”; Having a clean desk (I can’t even believe it!); finding my travel notebook from when I went to Italy, France and Greece four years ago (I can’t believe it’s been so long!);  eating take-out at two a.m. with my parents; drifting to bed with the sounds of my dad telling my mom: “Have you heard of Hardcore History?? It’s amazing” and her response: “Mhmmm…zzzzz”; having vivid dreams again; the anticipation for Toy Story 3; cutting up with my mother, aunt and grandmother on the way back from the Kennedy Center; getting tons of mileage out of a dress I wasn’t sure I was going to buy; hosting an awards ceremony for my kids at the learning center

What did you love this week? Share it in the comments!




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