34 Ways to Combat a Gray Day! (or a Sunny Day, if you’re still bored)

15 Jun


Sorry about posting a day late, everyone!

While summer is well-known for sunshine, not every day can be bright and sunny – in fact; we’re coming up on storm season! There are many things to do when it’s beautiful outside but what can one do when picnics and runs to the ice cream truck aren’t necessarily an option? I’m here to help! Many of these things take minimal resources and suck up varying amounts of time. While not all of them are necessarily productive, they may help you get through a dreary afternoon inside.

◊ Rent a movie, pop some popcorn and have a showing

◊ Make a “red carpet” out of two or three towels and have a movie premiere in your hallway with friends. Bonus: Someone can be Joan Rivers.

◊ Paint your nails in the brightest, sparkliest colors available to remind you of brighter days

◊ Light a candle and roast s’mores for one

◊ Visit TV Tropes and read. You’d be surprised how much time you can use up reading that site.

◊ Find a loved one (significant other, pet, stuffed animal) and have a cuddle party

◊ Take a wonderful nap as rain beats on your windowpane

◊ But a new garden plant in preparation for bad weather and enjoy effort-free watering

◊ Pick a take-out place that you want to try or haven’t eaten in a while (I like Yelp, but for added fun, try the Wheel of Lunch) and call it in. Kick back and wait for your food to arrive.

◊ If you don’t mind rain, take a jog outside! You never know – it might be refreshing! Be sure to take a warm shower afterwards.

◊ Relax into a steaming hot bath and let the pitter patter of rain lull you into relaxation

◊ Avoid driving to the mall and do some online window shopping. Not sure where to start? Amazon is a great source for most things you may need, but just to browse, try Shop Style.

◊ Host a personal dance party in your bedroom

◊ Take the time to learn a skill or do a craft you’ve been meaning to try

◊ This seems obvious, but read a book! Escaping to a world unlike your own may help you forget dreary weather.

◊ Make a mixtape filled with mood music. Do you want to listen to something that reminds you of the rain and gloom? Would you rather play something that brings to mind heat and sunshine? It’s up to you!

◊ Take some time to yourself and make fantastic plans for the future

◊ Make that phone call that you’ve been putting off for ages

◊ Teach yourself a basic magic trick. Searching “learn magic tricks” in a search engine should get you started.

◊ Look up one of those amazing TV shows you never had the time to get into or have to catch up on – for me it’s United States of Tara and Dexter – and have yourself a personal marathon

◊ Google “fuck yeah + your favorite topic/celebrity/color/etc” (omit the plus sign) and see if it has a corresponding tumblr. If not, make one!

◊ Learn to play a common card game – Spades, Poker, Hearts, etc. Next time it starts up at a party, you won’t have to watch on the sidelines!

◊ Do something in the bathtub that doesn’t normally happen in a bathtub. I like eating cake. A word of warning: be careful with electrical devices!

◊ Make an account on We Heart It and “heart” to your heart’s content

◊ Look up your friends’ birthdays (if you’re on Facebook, this is incredibly easy) and mail them a personalized card instead of sending a text or writing on their wall. You’d be surprised how easy this is and how much people enjoy it.

◊ Doodle!

◊ Write a resolution list – resolving to do better isn’t just for New Year’s! From personal experiences, these work best when you are both brief and specific. It’s hard to keep up with a long list of vague things like “be neater”, “be more mindful of money”, “don’t suck at life”, etc.

◊ Are you the type of person that feels like you never know what to wear? Take the time to plan out a couple “go-to” outfits – things you know you look good in when you’re all out of ideas. You’ll be thankful for them someday!

◊ Write positive messages to yourself and stick them on your bathroom (or bedroom) mirror. Consider dispersing them where more people can find them.

◊ Take the time to imagine the ideal place you could be. A tropical island, perhaps? Seeing a show on Broadway? Or maybe you’d rather be on Unicorn Planet?

◊ Now that you’re done brainstorming, provided your ideal location isn’t fictional, what does it take to get there? How can you do it? Using Kayak’s explore feature can help you get a more concrete idea of what it could take.  Now start taking steps!

◊ Go through old newspapers and magazines and create an inspiration board. It could be for anything: your favorite color, a mood, your future plans, your favorite fashion looks…

◊ Create an account on OKCupid and take their various tests. Answer their match questions too! Even if you’re not looking for love, it can still be quite fun.

◊ Take photographs of your everyday life – try to vary up the perspectives and viewpoints. You’d be surprised how memorable things can be if you take a second glance.

Next time you’re stuck inside for a dreary day or you’re just plain bored, I hope these help! Post your favorite rainy weather activities in the comments.

xoxo, Tara

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5 Responses to “34 Ways to Combat a Gray Day! (or a Sunny Day, if you’re still bored)”

  1. Anika June 15, 2010 at 5:03 pm #

    LOL, where’s #35 Make icons?

    • Tara Melissa June 15, 2010 at 5:04 pm #

      I have to practice what I preach 😦

      I love how Taraji in your icon seems to be laughing at me

  2. My @ tha Hotness June 21, 2010 at 6:09 pm #

    Great tips. I really do need to catch up on some reading.

    • Tara Melissa June 27, 2010 at 3:20 pm #

      Thanks so much! And I do too – I’m waiting for another cruddy day to come along so I can crack open some books. 🙂


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