Fashion Feature: We Love Colors

28 Jul

You may or may not know – but I love colors. On my walls, my clothes, my nails – even in my hair sometimes. While I appreciate for earth tones and neutrals as well, they aren’t my normal thing. When I heard about a leg wear company that supposedly shared the same chromatic obsession that I did, well – it tickled me pink!

Horrible puns aside, I have made a few purchases from We Love Colors, and every single one has left a satisfied customer. They have a wide choice that pleases even the rabid color enthusiast that I am and more that I had never thought of! (Tie-Dye tights? Who thinks of these things?) I actually own the tights that are pictured above, but the main reason I haven’t worn them yet is because I don’t own a neutral (read: black) skirt or dress to pair them with. Mark my words, I will remedy this some day. Pictured below is the next purchase on my to-do list, provided that I figure out what exactly I could wear with them…a white dress maybe? But what would I put on my feet that wouldn’t look strange?

Anyhow, while their Splash Color (read: Tie-Dye) leggings are a bit expensive ($29.00 for leggings seems a bit steep for me considering my broke college student budget, plus the mere existence of stores like Forever 21), I was quite pleased with their mid-range nylon/lycra blend tights. (They have regular tights as well as a slightly more expensive – and thicker – microblend line of tights) When they came in the mail I was expecting a texture and thickness similar to my mother’s pantyhose, but I was pleasantly surprised – they’re thick, think thin leggings thick – minimally opaque and seem to be pretty run-resistant. The regular tights are more like average pantyhose material, but I got them in knee-highs and they satisfied me as well.

While the styles I posted are a bit of a fashion risk, they stock tons of styles in a variety of solid colors as well. Plus, they stock many different sizes, so almost anyone can partake in the legwear love. If you’re looking for outfit inspiration you can check out their official blog that shows user-submitted photos of real women rocking their We Love Colors tights. Once I have an outfit in mind, I’ll probably be submitting photos as well!

What do you think? Let me know in the comments!

xoxo, Tara


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