Artist Feature: Dawn Okoro

18 Aug

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Dawn Okoro is one of my favorite artists. I love the way she plays with composition and various mediums to create her striking images. I also think the subject matter she draws inspiration from is quite fascinating, as well. (For instance, the pictures included in this post depict women in various positions of power.)

But most of all, I love her striking color. Her vibrant palettes always seem to catch my attention on her website, even in grayscale.

More about the artist, from her website:

Dawn Okoro’s work is informed by the composition techniques used in fashion photography. Using oil, acrylic and pencil, she incorporates photography, collage, and ideas from popular culture. Her artwork embodies space, movement, pattern, design, texture, and color; as well as lived experiences and self-reflexivity. Self-reflexivity is a process by which she critically examines the experiences (exterior and interior) that shape her everyday life and those that surround her.

For more information, you can visit her official website or her blog. All images were sourced from Okoro’s official website.

xoxo, Tara


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