Slowed Down Sunday – 8.29.10

29 Aug


One thing I can never get over is how quickly a week passes…I feel like I just posted last week’s SdS only a couple of days ago! Anyway, here’s my weekly dose of gratitude, from me to you:

♥ MICHAEL JACKSON – For all of you who don’t know, today, August 29th, would have been Michael Jackson’s 52nd birthday. Near the anniversary of his death, I wrote a post about my feelings for him as an artist, so I won’t recap it here. While I was pretty despondent then, I’ve decided that Michael’s birthday should be a day of celebration, not of mourning. I plan to listen to my favorite Michael songs all day and relive the amazing memories that I have attached to them, while appreciating the tremendous talent that created them. I’ll also be sprinkling this post with my favorites – because it’s impossible to just pick one!

♥ LOVELY PEOPLE – Okay, not just any people. But the people I’ve been interacting with on a regular and consistent basis have been fantastic. I’ve reconnected with my friends from last year in university – many of which I hadn’t seen all summer. Also, I got to meet my new staff for this upcoming school year in my residence hall, and I can safely say that I think it’s going to be a fabulous year. I have a lot of positive energy for the people in my social sphere, and I couldn’t be happier. Big things are on the horizon and I can’t wait. Plus, I’m already making plans to see the people who aren’t here with me in Pittsburgh and I can’t wait! My excitement for my plans could take up a whole post by themselves!

♥ AUTUMN IS COMING! – I love the seasons. Each and every one of them – because to me, every one of them brings something wonderful into my life, although some of them are less tolerable weather-wise than others (winter, I’m looking at you). I especially love the “moderate” seasons – autumn and spring because they are a lot more balanced than extreme, which suits my personality. So while I love summer, the season of sunshine, rain showers, sea breezes, swimming pools, ice cream, flip-flops and – my personal favorite part – summer vacation, I find myself pining for the days of autumn, where the leaves begin to change, football season gears up to start and you can finally pull your favorite trench coat and boots from the back of your closet. Hooray for Autumn!

♥ MISCELLANEOUS STARBURSTS – FavoRED Starburst packs (Starbursts with only the pink and red flavors – how convenient!); the fact there is going to be such thing as Planet Sheen; meeting in a coffee shop and talking about Tanzania; ADVENTURE TIME (can this show be on DVD already??); last week’s Project Runway; gummy dinos; color-coding my clothing; getting a *huge* package of dried fruits and pop-chips in the mail; having the freedom to try all sorts of things with my hair; the hope that I’ll FINALLY be able to learn how to knit; smiley face cookies; waking up, only to realize that you have the ability to snuggle back into bed; boxers with rainbows on them; making plans that frighten you and excite you at the same time

So that’s that! What is filling your heart with love and thankfulness this week? Let me know!




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  1. World Wide News Flash - August 29, 2010

    Slowed Down Sunday ? 8.29.10…

    I found your entry interesting do I’ve added a Trackback to it on my weblog :)…

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