Vote for me! And here’s why! (aka, My Greatest Hits)

30 Aug

Sorry to interrupt your regularly scheduled programming, but the voting period for the Black Weblog Awards is almost over! In fact, they’ll be over tomorrow! (for more information about the nomination and the process for voting, click this link.)

Perhaps you are unfamiliar with my work and are unsure whether you should vote for me. Fear not! For your consideration, here are some of my more popular posts:

Mid-Summer Check-Up: 42 Fun Activities to Give Your Summer a Boost

34 Ways to Combat a Gray Day! (or a sunny day, if you’re bored) (the sequel!)

Four Ways to Get Fit (That You Might Not Have Heard Of)

Have Your Meat and Eat it Too: A Introductory Guide to Flexitarian Eating

Should Guilty Pleasures be Guilty?

From Tanzania, With Love

and the post that started it all:

My Self-Happiness Manifesto!

Thank you to everyone who has supported through the nomination and voting process. Without you, I wouldn’t have gotten this far. Thank you!




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