Slowed Down Sundays – 9/12/10

12 Sep

Night Two

How can you help Four Mile Canyon?

Happy Sunday! It’s been quite a week, hasn’t it? Here’s my weekly ode to my life (ha!). Feel free to share tales of thankfulness and gratitude in the comments!

Visits from Home – First things first, I got to see some family that I hadn’t seen in months! Although we only got to spend time together for one day – and for a limited time, at that – it was still wonderful. You can’t beat being outclassed in clay workmanship by small children. Also, my boyfriend came up from Maryland to take a look at universities in the area. It’s always great to see him – I only see him about once a month, except for on breaks, you know – and we had a fantastic time! From catching up on Dexter (at least somewhat), to one of our favorite pastimes, trying new food (the Sunday buffet at Joe Mama‘s in Pittsburgh is delicious, by the way) to…

FOOTBALL!! – So, the boyfriend got to go to his first Pittsburgh Panthers football game on Saturday. Even though he was reluctant at first, he admitted that it was an awesome experience. I’ve never gotten to go to a pro football game, but I don’t think anyone would correct me when I say that college athletics is a unique, impassioned experience. We got to watch our (okay, my) Panthers take on New Hampshire in the season opener – and although we were gypped in the introduction video (get a taste of this greatness!) it was an amazing game, and a great comeback from that unfortunate overtime loss against Utah earlier this month. The team I (sort of) adopted, the Pittsburgh Steelers, opened the season by defeating the Falcons, and my number one team, the Baltimore Ravens, take on the Jets on Monday Night Football. While I’m not going to become a football columnist anytime soon, I am really glad football season has started. Also, if you’re wondering how I can reconcile loving both the Steelers and the Ravens, just know that if they’re playing each other, it’s all about the Ravens.

Care Packages (and packages in general) – My boyfriend brought a care package up to Pittsburgh, courtesy of my mother. Of course, it included those things that I forgot to pack on my first trip up – like hangers! – but she threw in a few surprises, like vegetable potato chips and my favorite comfy pillow. As she said, she “hooked me up”. I’m still unpacking some of the stuff she sent! Aside from that, I’m getting tons of packages in the mail, which I love, even though most of them are textbooks for my classes this semester. I’m expecting a few more things in the mail, so I’m sitting tight and waiting! (Bubble Umbrella, you are so mine!)

Miscellaneous Loves – Pinachio cookies at Trader Joe’s: Pistachios and White chocolate cookies! Delicious…; seeing the summer exhibit at Phipps the day it closes; an amazing retreat with the Blue and Gold society (I was practically there all night!); experimenting with henna in my hair, which I learned a lot from; taking multiple naps throughout the weekend; unintentionally color coordinating with my boyfriend; Stellarium, the open source planetarium (!); excitedly discussing shoes with one of my best friends; going on a field trip and finding that white sweater with Mickey Mouse ears that I’ve been coveting (you can see my proclamation of desire in the comments – plus it’s a great blog, check it out); fingernail painting parties with friends; barbecues on labor day; the massive bonfire that kicked off Pittsburgh football; creamy tomato tortellini (I’m sorry, it was delicious); making plans to purchase a tripod so I can photograph my outfits (ahh!); savoring the transition from summer to autumn

So, what set your heart aflame this week? Let me know in the comments!

xoxo, Tara


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