Slowed Down Sunday – 9.19.10

19 Sep


Hi there! I hope your week was filled with excellence and awesomeness. Here’s my brief note of gratitude:

Serendipity – Have you ever had those times when things just fall into place? Your plans magically come together and things develop in unexpected and exciting ways? Things seemed to fall into place extremely well for me recently, from employment opportunities to stumbling upon a farmer’s market in the midst of a craving. My dreams have led me into some interesting places, but my life has been more sensational as a result.

Clean room – I have a confession to make: my room isn’t the cleanest thing in the world, at least not often. I’m not very organized, my chair seems to be the sanctuary for lost clothes, and you don’t even want to know what’s underneath my bed. Last night, even though a portion of my plans fell through, it gave me a reason to get down and clean this bad boy up. When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade, right? I’m going to savor the feeling of sitting on my freshly made bed and peering at my dorm, which currently resembles an Ikea advertisement. It’ll be good while it lasts!

Fun with Friends – I’ve had a great time getting in some girlfriend-bonding time, whether they live four minutes away or four hours away. Eating cupcakes, impromptu fashion shows, sprawling out on a sea of emerald-green, sharing sushi, watching Formula One racing over pizza and making mad plans for the future.

Miscellaneous StarburstsDozen Bake Shop – oh my goodness, a taste of heaven in my mouth; watching RuPaul’s Drag Race from the beginning (Nina Flowers! Ongina! Bebe Zahara Benet!); the delayed gratification of having “me” time – which, for me, is sitting in bed watching the Golden Girls with no pants while I eat cupcakes; finding out about free shipping deals at your favorite online retailers; long naps with the window open; fresh peaches; apple cider; my boyfriend cracking me up; seeing the rain FINALLY come so I can début my sick bubble umbrella and rain boots; starting back and kickboxing and promptly getting my butt kicked; relaxing with a passion fruit-mango smoothie after getting your butt kicked; having dreams about my 20th birthday party (unicorn cupcakes! petticoats! tie-die stockings! Chinese food!)


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