Slowed Down Sunday – 9/26/10

26 Sep


Hey everyone! I had a weekend – and what a weekend it was – on a fabulous retreat! Here’s a summation of my loves of the week:

Vira I Heinz Retreat! Overall, this was a weekend well-spent. I made new friends, learned valuable information and interacted with some amazing women. To talk to an amazing group of ladies who are clearly destined for big things in their lives was incredible – and I am honored and blessed that I can be among them. Plus, we had a ton of fun just hanging out, shooting the breeze and discussing our experiences. I would never leave this out, you know me – had some FANTASTIC food. The highlight of my culinary experience was at the Green Forest Churrascaria. I believe my reaction text read something like, “Turkey on a sword wrapped in bacon? This is a good day.” Lastly, this trip enabled me to update my Travel Bucket List. Who wants to go with me to Moldova?

Finally Cleaning My Room – Okay, I’ll be the first to admit it: I’m not the tidiest person. Don’t confuse this with “dirty”, because I’m clean…just cluttered. At the same time, I feel like my room is an accurate representation of my mindset. When I feel stressed and overwhelmed, it is clearly reflected in the state of my belongings. When I feel together enough to keep things neat, it means a lot to me. Keeping organized is something I struggle with, so I’m glad – hectic schedule and all – that my room has a semblance of order. It doesn’t look like an Ikea ad yet, but it’s getting there. Heck, maybe I’ll tidy up some more after this post…

Getting Focused – This goes along with the previous point, but sometimes you need a short-term meltdown to put things in perspective and move forward. I think I have my priorities in clear view now, which is comforting. I have a lot of thinking, work and planning to do, but the end result will be so worth it.

Miscellaneous: Watching Project Runway online, where there are no commercials…(I absolutely love Mondo. I just want to hug him & be his bff); FINALLY getting to wear this dress; the prospect of wearing tights; the StayFocusd extension for Chrome (desperate times call for desperate measures, you know?); conversations about genital piercings over salad and asiago bagels; the fact that FeelGood Grilled Cheese is coming back; Junior Senior; keeping it real; apple cider; getting to dress up for a weekend; single-tasking (multi-tasking is a really hard habit to break!); realizing my nails have grown and they’re actually pretty strong (this is new territory for me)

What’s been good to you this week? Let me know in the comments!

xoxo, Tara


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