What’s in my Handbag?

13 Oct

I honestly think that you can tell a lot about a woman by what she has in her handbag. What can be considered essential to one person may be seen as frivolous to another, or what might seem utterly practical to somebody could come off as completely absurd! Speaking of which, that’s mine (apologies for the photo quality – there wasn’t much natural light in gray ol’ Pittsburgh).  I got it made in Tanzania, along with a matching skirt, which I happen to be wearing as I type this. And if you like the purse, you never know: you may just get lucky…on a later date. (The suspense!)

This is the stuff that I normally carry around, minus the Cute Overload Calendar (clockwise, from far left) –

♥Assortment of Lipglosses and Chapsticks – I cannot do without lip gloss and lip balm. It is one of the few things that I try to keep with me whenever, wherever – because dry, chapped lips is an awful feeling. That little green egg-sphere thing is a container of eos lip balm, which I absolutely love.

♥   Coin Purse – I got it from a Warhol print totebag that I carried in high school. I love how shiny it is (plus, the chain makes it easy to find)

Prescription glasses – All I can say is that I should really wear them more. But they’re lime green!

Assorted Pens, Pencils (and Dramamine) – Pens are another must. You never know when someone might stop you on the street for an autograph…and as for Dramamine, I get motion sick, okay? It’s a must!

Lanyard and Card Holder – As a college student, this is an essential: it has all of my important cards in there. Note the “Hail to Pitt” lanyard.

Udderly Smooth Lotion – LOVE it. I was attracted to the packaging and the price (I believe it’s under $2) and it really comes in handy! It’s non-scented, non-greasy and airplane friendly.

Vapur Water Bottle – I was introduced to this by Nuri when she did a similar feature on her blog. I’ve talked this bottle up enough, but basically, it’s reusuable, it’s cute and it rolls up when empty. Killer. (Hint: If it’s sold out on their official website, try Amazon.)

iPod – Her name is Poddy LaBelle and I love her.

Gum – Not an essential, but I like to have it. I’m not really picky with brands, but I prefer sticks over those little square things. No fruit flavors, please.

Keys – They had to be so big so I wouldn’t lose them! I especially adore my little unicorn keychain and angry cloud house key.

MoleskineI carry the to-do list Moleskine, which comes in handy for managing due-dates, appointments and random doodles. I also have a Fat Lil’ Notebook (seriously…that’s what it’s called) for all of my other random sketches and thoughts.

Cellphone (Samsung Rogue) – Okay, so I don’t have an iPhone, Android or Blackberry – but I love my little Rogue in all its simplicity, even if it does refuse to change my wallpaper.

That’s all for my purse! What do you all carry in your purses? (Or bags…or pockets…)




4 Responses to “What’s in my Handbag?”

  1. Rebekah l Christie October 14, 2010 at 1:12 am #

    Awww you really love purple. I’ve been wanting to do this with my stuff but for some reason when I lay everything out it does not look attractive lol. Maybe I need more cute stuff in my bag ;}

    • Tara Melissa October 14, 2010 at 2:01 pm #

      Purple is my favorite color! :-]

      You should definitely do it, and link to it in the comments. I’m sure your stuff is plenty cute!

  2. A Simple Thing October 23, 2010 at 10:32 am #

    Mine’s almost exactly like yours – ‘cept I have a bulky bottle (they don’t sell Vapur over here).
    I love the design on your iPod though! How did that happen?

    And I agree.

    Purple is indeed awesome.

    • Tara Melissa October 24, 2010 at 1:16 pm #

      Oh, that stinks about the Vapurs! Maybe you could look into the Platypus, they’re similar.

      My ipod has a decal on it that I got on http://gelaskins.com/. They have a ton of different designs to choose from and I believe I’ve had my skin for a couple of years now, so it’s durable!

      Purple = the best color, clearly.

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