Slowed Down Sunday – 10/17/10

17 Oct


Hello everyone – this week has been ultra-busy, but here is an account of some of the things I’m super thankful for this week:

♥Skyward Prodigal – Also known as ebonbird. She was one of the first people I met when I made my leap into fandom (she was a huge fan of Storm of the X-Men, just as I was, although I didn’t make the connection until later) and she blew me away with her magnificent collection of beautiful, multi-ethnic pictures. But even more than that, she was a lovely, intelligent person who always acted with the utmost grace. She will be missed.

♥Mother-Daughter Time – I was just in Maryland this past weekend, but my mother still came up to Pittsburgh on Tuesday. She couldn’t have come at a better time – I was under a lot of stress, and I needed her. We got to spend some quality time shooting the breeze and getting some dinner together (which we’ve never done, all the times she’s come to Pittsburgh!) which I certainly enjoyed. The more I get used to living in Pittsburgh, the more I appreciate what I have in Maryland. Funny how that happens, right?

♥Miscellaneous things: Learning the history of your city – I took a walking tour in Pittsburgh today that was absolutely fascinating. Who knew it was the site of the first movie theater in the world?; Cleaning, as I believe it’s a form of personal therapy; trying out the new frozen yogurt place nearby and realizing how similar it was to the one I miss from home – they even have mochi!; taking long naps in the waning sunlight; that every eatery seems to have a pumpkin-flavored menu offering; getting knee-deep in a new fandom; the crisp smell of autumn air; in-between weather, with the slightest tinge of coolness; football – even though the Ravens lost, I still have hope for the Steelers; trying s’mores for the first time; finally getting an opportunity to break out the fall boots; making fantastic plans with people I love

So, what have you? Do you appreciate anything special this week?

xoxo, Tara


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