Slowed Down Sunday – 11/7/10

7 Nov

Happy Sunday, everyone, and a happy belated Diwali to all that celebrate it!

As with other Sundays, here’s my weekly ode to everything that made my heart sing this week!

♥Adventures in Oakland – I had a great time this week running all over my neighborhood doing all sorts of things – from taking in the Diwali sale at Bombay Mart to checking out the sketchy place next door (my friend Jade referred to it as a “random old shit” store, which is a pretty accurate description) that sold “Butt Naked” essential oil (?!?!), to running to catch a magazine release party that wasn’t actually happening (stupid misinformed flyers) to enjoying finger food for the opening of the Cup and Chaucer cafe on last-minute notice, this week (and weekend in particular) was pretty freaking fabulous.

♥Bhangra in the Burgh(The website has autoplay.) Yes, this had to have its own separate subheading because this was AMAZING. I have had brief exposures to bhangra before, usually at cultural nights at my school, but this was SO different – bhangra squads from all over the north-east (and one team from Florida) came to compete and brought the house down. The energy and enthusiasm of both the performers and the audience was electrifying and I was completely hooked.  Every performance had me and my friends chattering and wondering how well they would place and what the next group could do. And, proudly enough, the all-female DC Bhangra Crew came and rocked Soldiers and Sailors memorial, representing the DMV very well. Even though VCU took it in the end, they did a fantastic job. By the way, here’s the intro video from this year’s competition to give an idea of what took place last night:

♥No More Midterms (for now)! – I mentioned this in Friday’s post, but I’ve been M.I.A. because of midterms, which took up all of my time the past couple of weeks. Thankfully, I’ve finished the gauntlet, so for the most part, I really have to look forward to finals! (Yes! Not.) But barring future catastrophes, posting should run as usual. I’m trying to make arrangements for finals week with some pre-prepared material for you all to enjoy. And as always, if there’s anything you think I should write about, leave a comment or send me an email (info on my contact page).

♥Miscellaneous – Clearing my bedroom floor off (small victories); getting my schedule prepared for next semester (I’m taking art! Yes! No Friday class! Double yes!); Having a “Make it Work” moment and actually making it work; the anticipation of seeing my sister and then getting to go home for Thanksgiving (yaay); re-watching Cinderella starring Brandy; having someone walk into my room and say, “I may be mistaken, but is your favorite color purple?”; showing school pride with Silly Bands; planning fabulous cultured cocktail parties with friends; free food; seeing plans come together; letting go and moving forward; major life changes (shh!); amla oil; my sister on google chat

That’s all from me this week! If something was particularly awesome to you, please share!

xoxo, Tara


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