Soul-stealer: Happy (post)-Halloween

10 Nov


And that is my attempt at a ducklips + fierce hybrid, although I’m not sure how it corresponds to my peacock costume. I’m not exactly sure how well that worked out. So happy belated Halloween, everybody! Unfortunately, I do know it’s been a little while since All Hallow’s Eve. Here is the finished product of my costume – unfortunately, due to time constraints, it didn’t turn out exactly as I intended, but due to the peacock necklace I was wearing (not pictured – which is sad, because I love that necklace!) I also intended to style up my hair in a fro-hawk, but due to my hairstyling fail, I ended up leaving it as is.


Me and my friend Lynn, who dressed as Tonya Harding. Not pictured, our friend Kaitlyn, who dressed as Nancy Kerrigan. Hilarious! The face paint was from a carnival I had attended right before – I picked the “Princess” option and talked to her about my costume for later that night, so she did it in green and blue. I’m not sure how much it added to the over-all effect, but I shimmied my way into that dress to not smudge it – and managed to screw up my eye makeup instead. Oh well.


This cat “tattoo” is unrelated, but I also got it at the carnival. I had to get a picture of it, because it was too cute!

So, how did you guys spend Halloween?

xoxo, Tara


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