Weekend Links – 11.12.10

12 Nov

Happy Friday, everybody! I’ve been all over Pittsburgh (okay…just Oakland) today, and I am about to take a very long nap. But anyway, onto some weekend reading for you:

These carpets, via Decor8, are absolutely gorgeous. The purple one is my absolute favorite shade!

It is Sanrio’s 50th Birthday! Cool Hunting reports on the massive celebration!

Speaking of birthdays, Sesame Street turned 41 on November 10th! TV Squad has a retrospective of the past 40 years from last year’s celebration.

Every year, Neiman Marcus seeks to top itself in their legendary Christmas catalog. Some of these gifts are just mind-boggling: a life-sized Gingerbread house??

This man uses an inventive method to promote a cause that is near and dear to my heart, guerrilla gardening. Check out his website, Bomb the Blight.

While the Northeast United States  is having some unseasonably warm weather this year, freezing cold winters are sure to come soon, both here and elsewhere! If you’re having trouble adjusting your skincare to the winter, check out this guide!

While I designate Sundays as a “lazy” day (my weekly post tends to be the only thing I get accomplished), I do find the Sabbath Manifesto – to unplug yourself and slow down once a week – very interesting.

Barack and Michelle Obama recently traveled to India, and Michelle got to learn dance from schoolchildren. Adorableness ensued.

Have you ever dropped a “Love Bomb“? Well, maybe you should – and it only takes five minutes!

On Four Hour Work Week, a list of destinations that are surprisingly affordable. See you in Indonesia, guys.

My latest obsession/time waster, Roi World, which is basically dress-up dolls to the max with some social networking thrown in. Add in leveling up, and you’ve got me hooked, unfortunately. (Psst: if you join, tell them “xoxotara” referred you!)

Jam of the Week – Inside and Out by Feist

Have anything to share? Post them in the comments!

xoxo, Tara


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