Slowed Down Sunday – 11.14.10

14 Nov

Happy Sunday, everyone! I hope your week was filled with happiness and abundant sunshine. Here is my weekly list of things that made me happy!

♥Care Packages – Okay, so see that shirt up there? It was among the items my mom mailed to me in a care package this week! I’m not exaggerating when I say this shirt is older than I am – I think she got it around when the Thriller album came out. Either way, I will wear it with pride because I absolutely love it. Here’s the back if anyone’s wondering:

I think I squealed and ran into my hallway when I got this shirt! So excited!! A package of watermelon pull-and-peel Twizzlers didn’t hurt either.

♥Movie Nights/Quality Time with Friends – In other words, hanging out and shooting the breeze with people I enjoy being around. Even though very little in the way of movies were watched, I had a fantastic time. I also sat through an informational session on various forms of Italian gourmet cheese before I got to go crazy and taste every last one (although one tasted like body odor, I swear!). I also went out to Thanksgiving dinner with a few friends and although they ran out of turkey (!) we had a great thing discussing everything from afros to questionable wigs to the merits of houndstooth. I also got to go to the release party for the  And who can forget having an impromptu RuPaul’s Drag Race marathon in my room?

♥Learning Lists – One of the things that makes me really excited is learning new things. Recently I’ve been brainstorming a list of things I’d like to learn in my lifetime (preferably soon), among them are knitting, cooking (beyond the super-simple), conversational French, scuba diving, proper make-up application and beekeeping. We’ll see how these go…is there anything you plan on trying to learn?

♥Miscellaneous – Sitting around on a lazy Sunday in a t-shirt and some leggings; seeing “Our RA” as something my residents are thankful for (thanks guys!); Hello Kitty band-aids to cover kung-fu battle wounds (I’m serious!); doing punching and kicking drills to Too Hot by Kool and the Gang (almost as great as doing push-ups to Hootie and the Blowfish!); the Firefox beta (although it looks suspiciously like Opera); knowing my sister is coming to Pittsburgh in less than a week (expect to hear more about that weekend, which is bound to be fabulous); the re-injection of the word “fabulous” into my daily vocabulary; cancelling plans to sleep in; daily Skype sessions with my boyfriend.

What about you all? Let me know!

xoxo, Tara


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