Weekend Links – 11.19.2010

19 Nov

Hey everybody! I hope you’ve had a wonderful week and for my American readers, are geared up for an awesome Thanksgiving! I’m on my way to Light Up Night, a holiday extravaganza in downtown Pittsburgh. Expect pictures! Anyhow, here’s some reading for you this Friday evening!

◊ Like always, here’s Danielle LaPorte, dropping truth bombs all over the place. Just read.

◊ Here’s an interesting documentary about Shadeism, the prejudice and divide that exists between darker and lighter skinned members of the same community. It isn’t very long, and is definitely worth the watch.

◊ Amazing art by Lerms on Kiss My Black Ads.

◊ On Miseducated (one of my new favorite blogs!), How to See People for Who They Really Are. Hmm…

◊ For every order of Festive Light underwear you purchase, Pact will donate a solar-powered LED lamp to Haitian earthquake victims, many of which feel unsafe at night with the energy scarcity in the area. Plus, your booty will have bokeh on it! What’s to lose?

◊ Hearing my boyfriend’s stories of how amazing Istanbul was makes me want to go there – but this post on Decor8 makes me even more hopeful to pay a visit to Turkey!

◊ Is gossip and negativity something you have to deal with? It’s been an issue in my life recently, but this is a really great article (from Oprah magazine no less!) That sheds an interesting light on it.

◊ I admire crafty people! Here is a template to make a cute little owl calendar via What About Orange.

Awesome. (via Kiss My Black Ads)

◊I’m a huge fan of paying it forward – random acts of kindness tend to spread, you know. If you’re stuck on how toss love bombs throughout your community, look no farther.

◊ Did you know there’s a new art exhibit that is visible seen from space? Well…now you do.

◊The controversial drink Four Loko has been all over the news lately – and now the FDA is taking a stand. I’ve never tried it, but I’ve heard the stuff can be dangerous if you aren’t careful. Also, for your enjoyment, a man drinking Four Loko for the sake of journalism.

Todrick Hall Does McDonalds

That’s all from me! Have anything to share? Leave it in the comments!

xoxo, Tara


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