Slowed Down Sunday – 12.5.10

5 Dec

Hey everybody! I hope your week was absolutely amazing. Mine was absolutely jam-packed, but hey: it’ll be worth it when I finish my final examinations.

Anyway, here is my weekly toast to the things that brightened up my week.

Snow!!! – Yes, snow deserved three exclamation marks. I have a love/hate relationship with precipitation. I absolutely love looking at it from my window. If I’m not in a hurry, I don’t exactly mind being outside in it, if I’m adequately prepared (umbrella, etc). If I’m in a hurry and I have things to do, it can be the greatest irritant ever. At times, the snow annoys me in Pittsburgh – especially when it refuses to stick to the ground, instead resigning itself to flying in your eyes and creating a hazardous walking environment – but snow is a big way to usher in the winter and for that, I can’t stay angry.

♥Organization – Let me just say, whoever invented the cascading folder and command hooks: thank you for being a friend. These things have saved me – especially the command hooks/strips, because there are so many uses. And by the way, I only use 3M command brand adhesive strips, because the other ones I’ve tried haven’t worked nearly as well. And no, I’m not being paid to say this. I’ve used them to hang posters, my backpack and purses, aforementioned the cascading folder, holiday decorations, my power strip, and goodness knows what else I could use them for. I feel so much less stressed when my room is a cluttered mess (which is often…and a problem) so this is great.

♥Beginning of the End – This semester is almost over! It’ll be great to take a break and get some real sleep without worrying about my upcoming school obligations. (Thanksgiving, anyone? Who can relax knowing finals will be waiting for you the minute you hit campus?) I – well, my group mates and I – have reached a major point in a huge project we’re working on (I’ll probably be providing details as it comes closer, so stay tuned!) and it’s a relief that I couldn’t previously imagine.

♥Miscellaneous: Getting a surprise apple caramel cupcake from a friend to brighten up a long, tiring week; dramatic lipsyncs of Disney songs; watching old Mary-Kate and Ashley movies, no matter how terrible they are; going on lady-dates with some fabulous women I need to spend more time with; hatching epic plans; listening to someone’s epic plans, knowing they’re well on their way to completing them; late night Dunkin Donuts; shutting out mid-morning sunlight with a sleep-mask; Maple Blondie ice cream from Ben & Jerry’s; P.G. Wodehouse and the Jeeves stories; taking steps to cross things off a bucket list; Twin Peaks (seriously, three episodes in and I’m farther from figuring out who killed Laura Palmer than I was in the pilot – and don’t you dare spoil me!) and the Psych tribute episode

Anything that you loved in particular this week? Feel free to share!

xoxo, Tara


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