Slowed Down Sunday – 12.12.10

12 Dec

Hey everyone! Here’s what has been making me smile this week – in short order. Hit it!

Dressing up – When you’re in college, sometimes opportunities to dress up (beyond party wear, at least) are few and far between. Having the opportunity to burn off some steam and put on a cute dress? Fantastic.

My cold is (mostly) gone! – I’m no longer spending my nights hacking up a lung! Yes!

Reverb10 – It’s a lot of fun, and a great way to reflect on the year that has passed. Join in! If you plan on doing it, link me!

Being done with duty for the rest of the semester! – Okay, so it is the last week of the semester, but I’m glad nonetheless. Actually, I’m on duty tonight, but I’ll be done soon!

Secret Santa exchanges! – Because who doesn’t like a surprise gift from a friend?

-Winter Break – Enough said right? But although mine is criminally short (two weeks?! really??) I absolutely need time to rest and recharge before I pull my hair out. Seriously. I am going to designate a day to sit and take stock of my life, what I want to do, and what is simply unnecessary. Being overwhelmed and unfocused is simply not an option.

Miscellaneous: Finally getting Thunderbird to work; planning a finals respite at Phipps Conservatory; successfully budgeting the last of my meal plan; orange shipments; PG Wodehouse; vent sessions with friends; nightly stretching; egg nog frozen yogurt; successful weekend duty; finishing season 1 of Twin Peaks; finally having a lady date with a good friend; breaking in a new sketchbook; making a new start

This week has been ultra hectic – classes are winding down, finals are coming up (I’ve already had two!) and of course, there’s the fact that the holidays are around the corner. For that reason, I am abstaining from posting for the next two weeks so I can catch my breath and focus on my school work. See you soon!

xoxo, Tara


2 Responses to “Slowed Down Sunday – 12.12.10”

  1. Dyanna December 13, 2010 at 1:50 am #

    yay dates with me 🙂

    • Hayidan's Intuition December 29, 2010 at 7:37 pm #

      crazy cute blog.. i just followed you on bloglovin..follow me 😉

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