Weekend Link Roundup – 1.14.11

14 Jan

Hey all! Here’s some weekend reading for you!

◊ This guy created a man-made rainbow machine! What a great invention!

◊ Danielle LaPorte shares 20 personal practices that got her to a place of prosperity…as well as those that cost her a lot of money to learn. Worth the read.

◊ I don’t do graphic design as much anymore, so my laptop isn’t overflowing with fonts, but this is a great resource – a site that displays a word of your choice in all the fonts on your computer! Nifty, huh?

◊ I want to swim in this pool.

◊ Ever since it was featured on Fly, I’ve checked out Style Like U, an “inspirational online experience that showcases people who possess exceptional personal style”.

◊ I absolutely adore impressive typography, so of course I was all over this feature on Dzine.

◊A list of common misconceptions on Wikipedia, via Gala Darling. I had no idea ostriches didn’t actually bury their heads in the sand, or that Vikings probably didn’t have horns on their helmets. My life has been a lie!

◊ The holidays are over (or, depending on your viewpoint, coming up…a long time from now) but these decorations are gorgeous!

◊ A review of the Master Class television show on Oprah’s new network, this episode featuring Jay-Z. Interesting.

◊ How to be Yourself, on The Art of Non-Conformity. Short, simple and sweet.

◊ I love hats, I love firecrackers…a firecracker hat? Yes, please!

Song of the Week – Bad Boy by Fuckkk Offf (safe for work, except for the title on the video)


2 Responses to “Weekend Link Roundup – 1.14.11”

  1. Amanda @ The Audacity of Color January 17, 2011 at 2:34 am #

    Love the Badu pic!

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