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Slowed Down Sunday – 4.3.11

10 Apr

Project 4B

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My boyfriend, just because. Also, he’s the artist behind that beautiful portrait of me that you see up there.

New beginnings and opportunities, because while I tend to keep them close to my chest until they’re definite, there are a lot of great things brewing for me on the horizon. I’m so excited I could scream.

Drag Shows and Mansion Parties – The Pride festivities at the University of Pittsburgh were absolutely amazing, capped off by a fabulous drag show. Every year the drag show attracts a huge crowd – the doors opened at 8:30 but I had to show up at 7  – there was no way I’d miss out on a front row seat! The performers were fantastic and all the money went to a great cause – the Pittsburgh AIDS Task Force. The next day, we went to a mansion party on Mount Washington hosted by SNAP, the Student Network Across Pennsylvania – talk about awesome!

The Sims, because there is no bigger timewaster out there. I’m one of those players who refuses to turn on aging, even though it’s kind of like cheating. But seriously, I could spend hours browsing for custom content online and working to make sure my Sim succeeds in her career and finds love! I love how the dating pool is as awkward as in real life, where you’ll meet a guy who looks like he has potential, only to find he 1) already has a girlfriend, 2) is a commitment-phobe or 3) is highly inappropriate and decides to end a date by peeing on the floor.

Heavy Duty Workouts, because I didn’t know the palms of your hands could be sore! I woke up feeling like I had been hit by a milk truck, or rolled over like Kevin Kline in A Fish Called Wanda. I’ve done kickboxing for over a year now, but never have I felt so utterly whooped. But I love those feelings.

Jacks and Jills, not just because they’re great to work for, but they also have great taste in t-shirts. (And they have fabulous notes, too.) I’ll be linking my articles from J&J here, so check them out!

What are you thankful for this week? Leave a comment and let me know!

xoxo, Tara


Weekend Links – 4/8/11

8 Apr


So I’ve just gotten my computer fixed…again. This time the LCD bulb went out, so my screen wouldn’t light. Cross your fingers that this is the last you hear about me and my computer issues for the time being! Here’s some reading to get you through this rainy Saturday! (If you live in the Northeast USA like me.)

◊ Flickr blog shows a collection of photographs where people observe the natural wonders of the night sky. Breathtaking.

◊ While unicorns don’t exist, the “arctic unicorn”, narwhals, do! They are some of the most secretive creatures in the ocean, but this rare footage offers a glimpse into their migratory patterns.

◊ My new favorite tumblr, Om Nom Nom Living. Healthy food porn? Yes please.

◊ I know I am decades late, and this meme has been run into the ground and then some, but Stephen Colbert (and the Roots!) rendition of Rebecca Black’s Friday, via Woo, is absolutely hilarious.

◊ I want this book of firework studies! While I’m accustomed to thinking of fireworks in color, the stark black and white suits them as well.

◊ Danielle LaPorte, whose site is guaranteed to light my ass on fire (in a good way, I promise!) dropped some new knowledge on us undeserving mortals.

engage every cell in fiercely wishing:
to be seen. to be graduated. adored. valued. validated. met.

the moment holds it all. give it then and there.
even if it didn’t work before, or you’re not sure what will come out of you to make for something new. (you can’t be sure)

blow off the past.

ask for what you want.

◊ Ever wanted to wear certain types of clothes but they’re far too uncomfortable? (Stockings, I’m talking about you!) Sal on Already Pretty discusses her favorite workarounds so you can wear those styles in comfort.

◊ My fellow unicorn lover and all around entrepreneurial wunderkind Alexandra Franzen had her one year anniversary of flying solo! Whooo! It’s a celebration!

Jam of the Week – Passion Pit – Little Secrets

Any links to share? Let me know in the comments.

xoxo, Tara

Weekend Links – 4/1/11

1 Apr


This artwork is absolutely amazing. I love how the artist was able to take physical objects and manipulate them into something else entirely.

Okay, this is just something I want to own: a GUNBRELLA. That just sounds cool.

I am definitely one who is guilty of not using their free time as effectively as possible. On Yes and Yes, there are ideas to make the most out of your lunch break.

I am fascinated by graffiti, so I’ll definitely be checking out this upcoming book about its origin in the United States.

The blogger Nubby Twiglet recently traveled to Reykjavik, Iceland! I’ve never really thought of Iceland as a potential travel destination, but seeing her amazing photographs have  me reconsidering things.

As an avid user of technology, the idea of how invasive your gadgets really can be freaks me out. Then again, considering the amount of information many of us disclose online, is this truly a surprise?

Sal from Already Pretty does an amazing job of summing up how I feel when it comes to the health/weight debate: it’s not my business.

How on EARTH would I know what “healthy” means for anyone other than myself? I am not a doctor. I am not a health expert. I am not a personal trainer, an herbalist, a chiropractor, or anyone who is required to have intimate knowledge of the human body’s mysterious workings. I have taken three biology classes and one human physiology class in my entire life, have no experience doing field work in the health industry, and absolutely no knowledge or credentials that would give me any standing should I chose to voice my opinion about the good or poor health of another human being.

Some people just have a ton of ingenuity. I know I’m not able to build myself a salad tower.

I have a love for interior (and architectural) design, so I really enjoyed this round-up of gorgeous images from The Glamourai.

This is just straight-forward and useful: The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Making an Effort. I try to make an effort the majority of the time, but everyone has “those” days.

Do you fall into certain shopping pitfalls? Buying things that almost fit you, other items just because they’re on sale? This might help you out.


Anything you want to share? Let me know in the comments!


xoxo, Tara