Weekend Links – 4/8/11

8 Apr


So I’ve just gotten my computer fixed…again. This time the LCD bulb went out, so my screen wouldn’t light. Cross your fingers that this is the last you hear about me and my computer issues for the time being! Here’s some reading to get you through this rainy Saturday! (If you live in the Northeast USA like me.)

◊ Flickr blog shows a collection of photographs where people observe the natural wonders of the night sky. Breathtaking.

◊ While unicorns don’t exist, the “arctic unicorn”, narwhals, do! They are some of the most secretive creatures in the ocean, but this rare footage offers a glimpse into their migratory patterns.

◊ My new favorite tumblr, Om Nom Nom Living. Healthy food porn? Yes please.

◊ I know I am decades late, and this meme has been run into the ground and then some, but Stephen Colbert (and the Roots!) rendition of Rebecca Black’s Friday, via Woo, is absolutely hilarious.

◊ I want this book of firework studies! While I’m accustomed to thinking of fireworks in color, the stark black and white suits them as well.

◊ Danielle LaPorte, whose site is guaranteed to light my ass on fire (in a good way, I promise!) dropped some new knowledge on us undeserving mortals.

engage every cell in fiercely wishing:
to be seen. to be graduated. adored. valued. validated. met.

the moment holds it all. give it then and there.
even if it didn’t work before, or you’re not sure what will come out of you to make for something new. (you can’t be sure)

blow off the past.

ask for what you want.

◊ Ever wanted to wear certain types of clothes but they’re far too uncomfortable? (Stockings, I’m talking about you!) Sal on Already Pretty discusses her favorite workarounds so you can wear those styles in comfort.

◊ My fellow unicorn lover and all around entrepreneurial wunderkind Alexandra Franzen had her one year anniversary of flying solo! Whooo! It’s a celebration!

Jam of the Week – Passion Pit – Little Secrets

Any links to share? Let me know in the comments.

xoxo, Tara


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