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Weekend Links – 4/8/11

8 Apr


So I’ve just gotten my computer fixed…again. This time the LCD bulb went out, so my screen wouldn’t light. Cross your fingers that this is the last you hear about me and my computer issues for the time being! Here’s some reading to get you through this rainy Saturday! (If you live in the Northeast USA like me.)

◊ Flickr blog shows a collection of photographs where people observe the natural wonders of the night sky. Breathtaking.

◊ While unicorns don’t exist, the “arctic unicorn”, narwhals, do! They are some of the most secretive creatures in the ocean, but this rare footage offers a glimpse into their migratory patterns.

◊ My new favorite tumblr, Om Nom Nom Living. Healthy food porn? Yes please.

◊ I know I am decades late, and this meme has been run into the ground and then some, but Stephen Colbert (and the Roots!) rendition of Rebecca Black’s Friday, via Woo, is absolutely hilarious.

◊ I want this book of firework studies! While I’m accustomed to thinking of fireworks in color, the stark black and white suits them as well.

◊ Danielle LaPorte, whose site is guaranteed to light my ass on fire (in a good way, I promise!) dropped some new knowledge on us undeserving mortals.

engage every cell in fiercely wishing:
to be seen. to be graduated. adored. valued. validated. met.

the moment holds it all. give it then and there.
even if it didn’t work before, or you’re not sure what will come out of you to make for something new. (you can’t be sure)

blow off the past.

ask for what you want.

◊ Ever wanted to wear certain types of clothes but they’re far too uncomfortable? (Stockings, I’m talking about you!) Sal on Already Pretty discusses her favorite workarounds so you can wear those styles in comfort.

◊ My fellow unicorn lover and all around entrepreneurial wunderkind Alexandra Franzen had her one year anniversary of flying solo! Whooo! It’s a celebration!

Jam of the Week – Passion Pit – Little Secrets

Any links to share? Let me know in the comments.

xoxo, Tara


Weekend Links – 4/1/11

1 Apr


This artwork is absolutely amazing. I love how the artist was able to take physical objects and manipulate them into something else entirely.

Okay, this is just something I want to own: a GUNBRELLA. That just sounds cool.

I am definitely one who is guilty of not using their free time as effectively as possible. On Yes and Yes, there are ideas to make the most out of your lunch break.

I am fascinated by graffiti, so I’ll definitely be checking out this upcoming book about its origin in the United States.

The blogger Nubby Twiglet recently traveled to Reykjavik, Iceland! I’ve never really thought of Iceland as a potential travel destination, but seeing her amazing photographs have  me reconsidering things.

As an avid user of technology, the idea of how invasive your gadgets really can be freaks me out. Then again, considering the amount of information many of us disclose online, is this truly a surprise?

Sal from Already Pretty does an amazing job of summing up how I feel when it comes to the health/weight debate: it’s not my business.

How on EARTH would I know what “healthy” means for anyone other than myself? I am not a doctor. I am not a health expert. I am not a personal trainer, an herbalist, a chiropractor, or anyone who is required to have intimate knowledge of the human body’s mysterious workings. I have taken three biology classes and one human physiology class in my entire life, have no experience doing field work in the health industry, and absolutely no knowledge or credentials that would give me any standing should I chose to voice my opinion about the good or poor health of another human being.

Some people just have a ton of ingenuity. I know I’m not able to build myself a salad tower.

I have a love for interior (and architectural) design, so I really enjoyed this round-up of gorgeous images from The Glamourai.

This is just straight-forward and useful: The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Making an Effort. I try to make an effort the majority of the time, but everyone has “those” days.

Do you fall into certain shopping pitfalls? Buying things that almost fit you, other items just because they’re on sale? This might help you out.


Anything you want to share? Let me know in the comments!


xoxo, Tara

Weekend Link Roundup – 1.14.11

14 Jan

Hey all! Here’s some weekend reading for you!

◊ This guy created a man-made rainbow machine! What a great invention!

◊ Danielle LaPorte shares 20 personal practices that got her to a place of prosperity…as well as those that cost her a lot of money to learn. Worth the read.

◊ I don’t do graphic design as much anymore, so my laptop isn’t overflowing with fonts, but this is a great resource – a site that displays a word of your choice in all the fonts on your computer! Nifty, huh?

◊ I want to swim in this pool.

◊ Ever since it was featured on Fly, I’ve checked out Style Like U, an “inspirational online experience that showcases people who possess exceptional personal style”.

◊ I absolutely adore impressive typography, so of course I was all over this feature on Dzine.

◊A list of common misconceptions on Wikipedia, via Gala Darling. I had no idea ostriches didn’t actually bury their heads in the sand, or that Vikings probably didn’t have horns on their helmets. My life has been a lie!

◊ The holidays are over (or, depending on your viewpoint, coming up…a long time from now) but these decorations are gorgeous!

◊ A review of the Master Class television show on Oprah’s new network, this episode featuring Jay-Z. Interesting.

◊ How to be Yourself, on The Art of Non-Conformity. Short, simple and sweet.

◊ I love hats, I love firecrackers…a firecracker hat? Yes, please!

Song of the Week – Bad Boy by Fuckkk Offf (safe for work, except for the title on the video)

Weekend Links – 12.10.10

10 Dec

I want to dress like this in the winter!

Hey everybody! I hope your week was amazing! I hope people who are in university are doing well on their finals! Here are some links for you!

◊ Ha! What if Web Browsers were people?

◊ I love seeing art made out of unconventional things. Transparent sea specimen art? Fascinating.

◊ Consider this – a lottery where there’s no risk, no loss.

The “no-lose lottery” we’re talking about is a Prize-Linked Savings (PLS) plan, a financial instrument that has flourished in many countries around the world for many years. A PLS is typically a bank savings account (though sometimes a government bond program) that pools some of the interest from all depositors and pays out big cash lottery prizes on a regular basis. It combines the thrill of the lottery with the safety of a savings account. The idea is to encourage people to save money rather than blow it on the lottery, where the expected payouts are typically very poor — but which, admittedly, is a lot more fun than simply putting money in a savings account.

◊ What’s the problem? Well, for some people, there are many.

◊ One of my favorite blogs, the Sassy Minx started her new initiative, Viva La Sass – Your Life Starts Here. Check it out!

◊ Again with unconventional art: a bicycle that doubles as a drawing machine! Not sure if I’d hang it on my wall, but it’s a cool idea.

◊ I want this book! Inspirations and Fascinations from the Kate Spade New York team.

◊ Sarah Von is a traveler extraordinaire. Here, she shares her cardinal rules of Safe, Solo Lady Traveling.

◊ Just when Bea Arthur couldn’t get any cooler: She was enlisted in the marines?

As part of the enlistment process, Arthur underwent interviews that resulted in the production of “personality appraisal” sheets. One such analysis described her conversation as “Argumentative” and her attitude and manner as “Over aggressive.” In a handwritten note, the Marine interviewer remarked, “Officious–but probably a good worker–if she has her own way!”

◊ I love the Color Me Pretty features on A Creative Mint – especially when they feature purple!

◊ A beautiful photoshoot of African gentlewomen on Black Nerds Network.

◊ I love The Oatmeal. But anyway, here’s a cute comic: Cat vs Internet.

Jam of the Week – Na Na Na Na Na Na (Na Na Na Na) by My Chemical Romance – Did I spell that right?

Weekend Links – 12.3.10

3 Dec

Can you believe it’s already December? I felt like just a week ago it was Halloween and now it’s snowing in Pittsburgh! Either way, I’m excited for the holiday season, the end of finals and my twentieth birthday! Cards and gifts aren’t frowned upon, by the way. Anyway, here’s some stuff for you to read on this blustery day!

◊ Have you ever wondered how certain people have a magnetic charisma when interacting with people one-on-one? Tim Ferriss describes how it works and how you can do it yourself.

◊ Speaking of interpersonal communication, The Naked Redhead talks negotiation skills – how to negotiate like a lady, even if you’re a man.

◊ I’m a major tea fan – so any guide designed to upgrade my tea game is greatly appreciated.

◊ Ever went on a “lady date” – a date with a seriously awesome lady, no romance required? Well…consider it.

◊ I love interesting art installations. Henk Hoftsra took it upon himself to break a few eggs.

◊ I love the cute, artsy gifts and these ones on Design*Sponge are both adorable and bargain friendly (twenty-five dollars or less!).

◊ On the other hand, here’s an argument of the other persuasion: The Case Against Buying Christmas Presents on Zen Habits.

I don’t love Christmas shopping, or the overconsumption, frenzied malls, consumer debt, environmental waste, wasted time wrapping, and over-accumulation of needless stuff that goes with it.

Bah humbug! I love Christmas, but the shopping has got to go.

◊ This is almost too strange to be true…stiletto hiking boots? Would anyone actually wear these?

◊ Best Holiday cookie recipes? Yes, please. Thank you, Real Simple magazine.

◊ This is hilarious – uncomfortable plot summaries. Funny, but oh so wrong.

Jam of the Week: Chiddy Bang – Truth

Anything you want to send my way? Holler at me in the comments.

xoxo, Tara

Weekend Links – 11.12.10

12 Nov

Happy Friday, everybody! I’ve been all over Pittsburgh (okay…just Oakland) today, and I am about to take a very long nap. But anyway, onto some weekend reading for you:

These carpets, via Decor8, are absolutely gorgeous. The purple one is my absolute favorite shade!

It is Sanrio’s 50th Birthday! Cool Hunting reports on the massive celebration!

Speaking of birthdays, Sesame Street turned 41 on November 10th! TV Squad has a retrospective of the past 40 years from last year’s celebration.

Every year, Neiman Marcus seeks to top itself in their legendary Christmas catalog. Some of these gifts are just mind-boggling: a life-sized Gingerbread house??

This man uses an inventive method to promote a cause that is near and dear to my heart, guerrilla gardening. Check out his website, Bomb the Blight.

While the Northeast United States  is having some unseasonably warm weather this year, freezing cold winters are sure to come soon, both here and elsewhere! If you’re having trouble adjusting your skincare to the winter, check out this guide!

While I designate Sundays as a “lazy” day (my weekly post tends to be the only thing I get accomplished), I do find the Sabbath Manifesto – to unplug yourself and slow down once a week – very interesting.

Barack and Michelle Obama recently traveled to India, and Michelle got to learn dance from schoolchildren. Adorableness ensued.

Have you ever dropped a “Love Bomb“? Well, maybe you should – and it only takes five minutes!

On Four Hour Work Week, a list of destinations that are surprisingly affordable. See you in Indonesia, guys.

My latest obsession/time waster, Roi World, which is basically dress-up dolls to the max with some social networking thrown in. Add in leveling up, and you’ve got me hooked, unfortunately. (Psst: if you join, tell them “xoxotara” referred you!)

Jam of the Week – Inside and Out by Feist

Have anything to share? Post them in the comments!

xoxo, Tara

Weekend Links – 11.5.10

5 Nov

Hello, and happy weekend everyone! This is an especially happy weekend for me, since I finished my midterms! Whoooo! (If anyone was wondering why I’ve been M.I.A. these past couple of weeks, that is why.)

Excitingly enough (for me at least), I get to use  this weekend to catch up on my feed reader (1000+ new posts, oh my!) so I’m going to share the wealth with you guys! So here’s an extra-special collection of things for you all to read! Enjoy!

◊ The Flickr Blog collected images from the Masskara Festival that takes place in the Philippines. The pictures are amazing and gorgeous – I’d love to go someday!

◊ Apparently processed meats have been declared too dangerous for human consumption. Worth a read.

◊ While I can appreciate simplicity, I like to dip my toes in the pool of ridiculousness every once in a while. This Disneyworld-esque theme park recently opened India. Guess who would go in a heartbeat?

◊ Many people avoid ambitious goals because of possible failure. But what would you do if you knew you would not fail? Chris Guillebeau wants to know.

◊ I’ve never participated in Black Friday (waking up early to fight people over marked down televisions doesn’t appeal to me, but different strokes, I guess) but a town has enacted ordinances against Black Friday mayhem. Let’s hope it works!

◊ Do you have a bacn problem – the inbox clutter that isn’t spam because you signed up for it? Lifehacker has a possible solution for you.

◊ This, I’m just posting for the pretty. Enjoy.

◊ Ever feel like Wile E. Coyote and creativity is your Roadrunner? (Okay, maybe not the best analogy.) Here are some brain exercises to help you out.

◊ These hyper-realistic paintings are trippy – it’s hard to tell what’s real and what isn’t!

◊ It’s a little late for Halloween, but just in time for the rest of autumn, here are some fantastically decorated pumpkins!

◊ Also posted just for the pretty, images from China’s Fashion Week.

◊ One of my favorite magazines, Wired Magazine, has their own mini university “curriculum”, where they teach the things you never learn in college.

◊ Have you ever had l’spirit d’escalier, or staircase wit, where you come up with the perfect comeback…after it’s already too late? Unicorns for Socialism has the hook up.

Any sweet links on your end? Drop in the comments.

xoxo, Tara

Whitney Houston & Brandy – Impossible

Who else loved this movie??