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A.D.I.D.A.S. – All Day I Dream About Socks

20 Oct

So I opened up a package recently – am I the only one who gets super excited when they get a package in the mail, even if you know what it is? – and they were socks that I had recently ordered. I absolutely love socks; in fact, I adore leg-wear in general (minus pants). While they socks areĀ a real hassle to put on sometimes, making flip-flops and flats oh so convenient, you can’t deny how amazing a great pair of socks feel – unless they’re slipping off your feet, which really bites. Ugh.

One thing I love about autumn is that it’s the perfect time for leggings, tights and socks. Some days are warm enough to wear knee socks with a cute skirt, but if you want to bundle up, there’s always woolen stockings, too.

These toasty knee-socks are from Sockdreams, this amazing little sock boutique I recently found out about. They have a large selection of socks at all different lengths. Best part? Free shipping within the continental US! You don’t need to tell me twice. I had originally planned on wearing them with black flats, but that got way too boring. Pink it is!

Also from Sockdreams, these are thigh-high (!) socks. I found that they didn’t quite stretch over my thighs, but I prefer the scrunched look anyway. One of my friends suggested I wear them with my gold Air Forces. While I am still wearing the skirt from the previous photo (contrary to popular belief, apparently) it didn’t quite fit with the outfit as an actual look. Oh well – I can always try again later. Lastly, I do not care what anyone says, those forces are boss. I feel like a Solid Gold Globetrotter.

And finally – my beloved tie-dye tights from We Love Colors! This photo does not do the bright colors justice – I’ll have to take more when I actually figure out how to wear these things in public. I feel like pairing any color with these intense tights is a recipe for disaster, so my only options are white or black. Unfortunately for me, I actually…don’t own many clothes in those colors. At all. Not a single dress or skirt. Oh well, I guess I’ll have to go Little Black Dress shopping!

One of the great things about socks and tights is that they’re extremely versatile. You could pair dark tights under tweed or wool shorts to bring summer into autumn (but do it quickly, before it gets too cold!), you could pair almost any color legwear with neutral boots and outerwear – a black overcoat is a blank canvas! You could try calf-high socks with a cute pair of strappy heels and a skirt – though I would suggest going high or flat with your shoes, kitten heels just look funny, in my opinion. Of course, the classic is pairing your legwear with a slinky dress and an understated boot. When it gets ultra-cold, wear them under your jeans for more layering.

How do you wear your socks? I’d love to hear your comments – especially considering that I’m a little stumped about my closet, as you can see.